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Augmented/Virtual Reality and Human Senses

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In a project entitled the Human Verifiable Computing project, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland used augmented and virtual reality to develop solutions that build trust between people and systems regarding information security. This connection between humans and technology is a key element of what is to come in the future, where interactions between the two are effortless and a part of daily life.

The key functionality the project showed involved human senses. For example, voice recognition was used for single-use passwords that had been distributed through augmented reality. Multi-sensory feedback can also be used; an example being a maintenance worker that is shown visual instructions on how to turn a valve, with an error message showing via image or audio alert to a user’s smart glasses if the instructions aren’t followed properly. Haptic (touch sensitive) feedback can also be implemented by making a user’s chosen mobile device vibrate.

What do you think this kind of technology could lead to down the road? Is this mixture of human sense and technology worth developing?


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  • With this type of technology changing and advancing everyday the possibilities are only limited by what we can create and understand. Having layers of protection using virtual and augmented reality adds security value that we never had before, and allows for customization for each user. I could definitely see the sensory feedback being used in a warehouse where employees have to pick items from pallets all over and it could have a HUD with the route to their next pick item. I believe the mixture of human senses and technology is definitely worth developing as their are possibilities in fields like healthcare and construction and many more.

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