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5 technologies disrupting the app development industry

Technology has over our modern society, no matter where are we. We know that technology is disrupting every industry, and it now moves so quickly into relatively new fields. The field of professional app development is being disrupted by the next generation of tech.

  1. AI and machine learning
  2. The internet of thing (wearable devices)
  3. Blockchain (cryptocurrency technology – store all different types of data)
  4. Self-driving tech (automotive industry)
  5. AR and VR

The proliferation of new form factors and the widespread innovation we see when it comes to internet-connected devices means that the only thing we can be certain of is uncertainty. That means developers who want to be at the top of their game have to constantly innovate or learn to code in a new language.The good news is that apps are becoming more and more of a part of our daily lives, and increasingly being used in the developing world as people connect to the internet for the first time through a mobile device.

What do other technologies you think will disrupt or influence app development industry? What do you assume the future of development of app development industry? What’s your suggestion for app development industry’s improvement?

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