MIS4596 SEC 002 Spring 2018

Information Systems Integration – Tony Messina

Augmented and Virtual Reality’s Role in Information Systems


It’s certainly difficult to contend that AR and VR won’t be prevalent in all aspects of our lives in the future, and our own information systems as well. Researchers at the VTT Technical Institute in Finland are studying how the relationship between an everyday consumer and technology (in this case, AR/VR), can be verified by human senses and emotions. That’s where VR and AR come into play.

Imagine if a construction worker wearing an AR apparatus (likely goggles or glasses) can receive a visual error message if a valve is turned incorrectly or in the wrong order? Auditory and haptic feedback (vibration/touch) indicators can also be used in a response to an action. Other uses for AR in information systems was the distribution of single-use passwords to users’ AR optics. 

What do you think of the role of AR/VR in information systems? The intersection of this technology with this industry is inevitable. What other uses do you think augmented and virtual reality can perform?

DevOps, a changing approach to enterprise IT

The IT world is filled with a variety of work structure methodologies. Terms like Agile and Waterfall make up just two of a number of ways to approaching the software development and IT life cycle. A new methodology named ‘DevOps’ has gained a lot of steam in the last five years and has really turned the industry upside down. The key differences between other IT methodologies and DevOps is the removal of barriers between development teams and operations teams, involving everyone to some degree in all parts of the IT life cycle. Some of the most important take-aways from DevOps are

  1. A more decentralized approach to project planning to incorporate more ideas and oversight in the development process.
  2. The idea of continuous deployment. Being able to update applications and launch new changes with 0 downtime in regards to the end-user experience. IE: No maintenance time..
  3. DevOps has evolved with cloud infrastructure explicitly in mind and is focused on helping organizations scale painlessly.

DevOps is growing as an enterprise IT methodology and will probably become more and more present in our lives as we get more involved in our workplaces, do you think decentralization is a good trend? How important do you think it is to remove silo’s between development and operations teams?

Feel free to comment.


Presentation Killers

Presenting photo

When giving a presentation, there are certain things that should be avoided. These things are what I call the “Presentation Killers.” The “Presentation Killers” I would try to avoid the most when presenting are:

  1. Reading from slides – The audience can read the slides on their own so explain the slides instead.
  2. Not being knowledgeable of the subject matter – If you are presenting something, you should be knowledgeable of the subject. When you don’t have knowledge on the subject, it leads to the 1st killer (Reading from slides).
  3. Not being prepared for questions – During a presentation, you are almost always going to be asked questions. If you seem unprepared for the questions, it can kill a good presentation.
  4. Not making eye contact – Making eye contact with the audience is very important during a presentation because if you are not making eye contact then you are most likely looking somewhere that you shouldn’t be. This can make it look like you are uncomfortable presenting.

These are the things that I try to avoid most when presenting. Most of them can be avoided simply by preparing ahead of time for the presentation and studying the subject matter.

Are there any “Presentation Killers” that I did not include that should be included? Or do you have any thoughts on the ones I included above? Feel free to comment.

Steve Jobs Presentation Skills

In class we watched the following you tube posted analysis of Steve Jobs presentation skills.  The analysis focused on the introduction of the I-phone.  A link to the I-phone presentation is also attached.  Please take a few moments to review and express your reaction by making your first class comment.   Instructions are under Course Structure / Participation.



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