Instructor: David Schuff, Section 003

AI Replacing Human?

Artificial Intelligence have been growing rapidly in the past few years. AI was created to make life style, jobs, and daily tasks more simple to perform. In the past couple of years, people have researched and developed AI to the point where physical repeating jobs and some harder tasks can be done by AI alone. In addition businesses have also started to research and develop AI because they are cheaper and more efficient than human beings. This brings up a big problem. Will AI lay off thousands of people? Research have shown that AI in fact will kill many jobs. However, studies have also shown that more jobs will be created with different skill sets. According to Gartner by 2020 more jobs will be created by AI than the amount of jobs they are replacing. Do you think that it is ethical for all businesses to apply AI when not everyone has the skill sets for the jobs that are being created? Will AI ever get to a point where it will take over more industries?

One Response to AI Replacing Human?

  • I do think that AI will result in the loss of many jobs for many people. As AI advances, it becomes the obvious (and less expensive) choice for companies with tasks that can be performed and improved upon by AI because most companies are driven by profit alone. I don’t necessarily believe that AI will “create” jobs. I think the #1 issue that should be discussed concerning AI is the impact the loss of jobs will have on society. No one should want to live in a society with high levels of unemployment. The people who will be displaced by AI have energy, spirit and intelligence that is valuable to society. Even if there is a single-payer healthcare system and universal income, unemployment will still cause problems for society. Although I think companies have an ethical obligation to at least consider the impact AI will have, I do not trust them to solve the unemployment crisis AI may cause. I think a solution would be to tax corporations more, and then fund the human services industry to create more employment. Human service occupations, such as teachers, caretakers, etc., are usually worked by humans and greatly enrich society.

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