Instructor: David Schuff, Section 003


AI Takes the Fashion Industry

closet photo

While it may seem strange, the fashion industry is predicted to be one of the next industries disrupted by artificial intelligence. The application Pureple offers many fashion-related services, including suggesting outfits based off of pictures that users submit of the clothes in their closet. Like Tinder, users can swipe left or right on outfits based off of their preferences. One current shortcoming of this application is its current “tedious upkeep” with submitting pictures. Many other platforms like Pureple exist, from Kim Kardashian-West’s Screenshop to Amazon’s Echo Look. Amazon has “developed an algorithm that learns about a particular style of fashion from images, and can then generate new items in similar styles from scratch”, and plans to incorporate this into the Echo Look application. What other future innovations could make this type of application more useful to users? Do you think that this type of application would be successful enough to turn users away from human designers and personal shoppers?


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