10 Tips for Group Presentations


Our presentation date is approaching quickly.  I wanted to share an article that provides tips to presenting a successful group project.  Hopefully you can use some of these tips to help you with your group presentation.

1. Show some energy – Monotony will kill your speech

2. Tell a story – This can help engage your audience

3. Learn how to structure your presentation – Focus on getting the main points across

4. Know your audience – Example: How many people are in the audience? What level of knowledge do they have on the materials being presented.

5. Be unique and memorable – Do something to make your group stand out

6. Keep it simple – Do not over complicate your presentation.  You want your message to be clear.  Do NOT confuse your audience.

7. Summarize – This helps get the main points across

8. Make it visual – Use visuals to enhance your message (People do not want to read a lot of text during a presentation)

9. Practice – This will help your group transitions better and maintain a steady flow during your presentation

10. Stick yo your allotted time – We have 9 minutes including Q&A(end between 7 and 9 minutes)

10 Tips to Nail a Group Presentation

Are there any other tips that you feel are important that were left out of this article? If so, please share!

2 Responses to 10 Tips for Group Presentations

  • I think one thing that might be relevant, depending on the presentation, to send materials beforehand or create some sort of takeaway. Whether that be a handout, a quiz, etc; it’s something to engage the audience and giving them something to take home means they will remember the presentation.

  • For me, one of the more frustrating parts of a group presentation are where people stand during the presentation. I’ve been part of several group presentations that have way too many people that are part of the PowerPoint, and end up standing in front of the screen and block out very valuable information. Going to the room, or a similar room, can help ensure that you place people who are not at the podium so they do not block out the screen. This can also make sure that there are no issues when people change hands at the podium.

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