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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Google vs. Amazon vs Apple: Who will be the next GE?

The Great Tech War by Fast CompanyGE is a much admired firm – it has done well for many years and it has done this through consistent innovation as well as management leadership. Google, Amazon, and Apple are three of the most well known tech companies. It is interesting to read the Fast Company article on the Great Tech War of 2012 and speculate on who will endure. Who do you think will still be around and thriving in 2020? Who will be the next GE? Why?

The power of systems thinking

MIS 5001 - Mandviwalla - Systems ThinkingSystems thinking is a powerful tool for thinking about the world. It can be used as the basis for automating, simplifying, improving, and changing almost any aspect of an organization. Does systems thinking have a downside? What is it good for? And more importantly what is it not good for?