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Creating “decks”

DeckIdeas and proposals in the business world are now almost always communicated via “decks.” Decks is businesspeak for powerpoint slides. Often these decks are not even presented in the formal sense, they just get emailed to the recipient. You need to learn how to communicate your ideas using decks. This is an important skill. You can be the best analyst in the world but if you cannot get your ideas across….

Writing skills are important but college writing tends to overemphasize correct grammar and form – not necessarily succinct communication – which is the essence of creating good decks. Each slide in your deck should be crafted just like you would craft a page of text. Your focus should be on thinking about how to present your idea; lines of text are not always the best way to keep anybody’s attention…

Here are some ideas:

First, some humor from Don McMillan:

An example which is relatively low tech but very effective:


There are many guidelines available, you need to find something that works for you. I like the ideas presented by Garr Reynolds. Also check out the motivational speech by Douglas Jeffreys:


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