2012 Spring – IT Management

Prof. Johnson's MIS5001-001

The End.

Thank you all for a great semester!

I submitted grades for this class yesterday afternoon. If I understand how the new grading system works, you should be able to see your final course grade now.

If you want specific feedback on any of the concluding assignments, please let me know and I will be glad to provide it to you.

Best wishes to you all. I hope our paths cross again.

Final Exam Reminders

Here’s a reminder of what to expect this evening.

1. Right about 5pm (give or take a few minutes), I’ll post the final exam (as a “DOC” file) here on this website.

2. The exam is designed to be completed within a two hour block of time. My past experience is that some students like to complete it at work, thus why I post it at 5pm. (The standard exam time for our course is 6pm to 8pm.)

3. Email the exam back to me as a DOC, DOCX, or PDF file no later than 8pm. I highly recommend start to send it to me at 7:55pm. If I receive your email beyond a few minute grace period, it will be considered late and, baring extraordinary circumstances, will not receive full credit.

4. I will send you an email either later this evening or first thing tomorrow morning acknowledging receipt of your exam. If you don’t get an acknowledgment from by 9am tomorrow morning, that’s a good time to follow up!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Concluding Discussion Question

This is our concluding discussion question for this course. Thank you all for your thoughtful and insightful answers all semester!

The purpose of this week’s question is to help you prepare for the final exam.

In one or two sentences, what would you summarize as a key “take-away” that you’ve learned from this course this semester?

Week 13-14 Follow-Up

It was great to see so many of you at the Fox IT Awards. I hope you had as good a time as I did!

Finally, thank you all for the feedback on my practice presentation during our last class meeting. It was very helpful. I hope to have a “Power of Sharing” video to post on my blog within the next month or so.

Announcements for Week 13 Class Meeting


  • As you probably already figured out, there is no discussion question this week.
  • There will be a concluding discussion question posted after tonight’s class meeting (for completion before the exam date).

Presentation Order

Here’s the randomly selected order for presentations this evening:

  1. EMR 1: Faisha, Shlomo, Thomas
  2. Cisco: David, Hunter, Jill, Lane
  3. EMR 2: Brian, Jason, Rishi
  4. SAP: Bridget, Larysa, Lori, Michelle


Group Project Presentation Guidelines

Here are guidelines for the group project presentation. Post any questions in comments or, if you prefer, send me an email.


The goal of your presentation is to address the following questions:

(A) What business problem are you solving?

(B) How do you propose solving it?

(C) How will the solution provide business value?

Pretend that the audience (your fellow classmates) is a corporate steering committee in the same organization as you and will be making an up-or-down decision on whether or not to fund the proposed project.

Remember that the audience has not read any of your individual or group projects.


  • Your presentation should be 15-17 minutes long and will be followed by up 3-5 minutes for questions (and then 1 minute between presentations).
  • It is highly recommended that you practice your presentation so you can be sure you can efficiently and effectively get through all of the required material in the allotted time!
  • One or more group members may deliver the presentation, but all group members are expect to be present and available to answer questions about the project. During the presentation all group members should join together with the presenter at the front of the room.
  • Please put any electronic materials on a memory stick or post to the web in a readily available location.
  • Although these will be considered formal presentations, there is no dress code. Wear whatever you are most comfortable in for making a convincing presentation to fellow students.

Evaluation and Feedback

  • Presentations will be evaluated by these criteria:
  1. Content area: Clear description of business problem
  2. Content area: Effective presentation of proposed solution
  3. Content area: Convincing justification of business value
  4. Presentation: Delivery and pacing
  5. Presentation: Connection with audience
  6. Overall project assessment: is project feasible?
  7. Overall project assessment: do project benefits justify investment?
  • To facilitate active participation by audience members, everyone will complete and turn-in evaluation forms for the other group presentations. The completed evaluation forms will be used to anonymously inform additional constructive feedback. They will not be used to determine a grade.

Information Technology and Globalization

Not that along ago Fareed Zakaria was interviewed on CNN about an piece he wrote for Time Magazine. In the interview, he discussed the impact of technology and globalization:

Zakaria: We are going to have to move up the value chain. Ultimately you don’t want to be making products that people can make somewhere else in the world at half or a quarter of the price.

You have to take on the more complex aspects of manufacturing. The car is becoming two things, it’s a manufactured product, but it’s also a very highly sophisticated computer. Think of your GPS system, audio system and so on. Each of these components has to be coordinated. Can we make the high-end aspects of the car? Can the U.S. be dominant in design, in the computer electronics part of it. It’s very tough to be competitive on the pure manufacturing of the chassis.

Considering your own experience, what relationships do you see between information technology and globalization?

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