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Week 13 Follow-Up

Class Re-Cap

FoxNet Capture.

Final exam format

—Take-home: 5PM questions posted to class blog, 8PM due via email in a Word-compatible attachment

Open-note (including course blog): no other outside assistance or Internet assistance

4 short answer questions

  • Multiple bullet point answer or up to 1 paragraph answer
  • ~ 60% of grade (4 x 15% each)
  • Example: “What are 3 pros and 3 cons of giving ad-hoc SQL query access?” —

1 essay question

  • multi-part question or more involved question ¡mutli-paragraph answer required
  • pick from 2 or 3 choices
  • ~ 40% of grade
  • Example: “Temple University is looking for new revenue streams. They want your advice: should they offer to sell marketers the list of student email addresses? Why or why not?”

The study guide distributed in class is available here: MIS5101 Final Exam Study Guide

Week 11 Follow-Up and Week 12 Reading

Week 11 Followup

Unfortunately, there is no Fox Class Capture available for Wednesday’s class. (The class capture did not follow us to the computer lab.) You can find a copy of the database we used for the exercises, along with the hand-out from class, here.

Week 12

Assigned reading:

a) Pivot Table Reports 101 (expand sections at bottom of page to read entire page.)

b) Learn to use Pivot Tables in Excel 2007 to Organize Data. If you have never used Pivot Tables before, or at a little bit rusty with them, I highly recommend downloading the example spreadsheet (available at the bottom of the article) and working through the examples.

c) Chapter 4 (Hacking Pivot Tables) of Excel Hacks, Second Edition by David Hawley and Raina Hawley (2007). Free online access available via Safari books online via Temple Library — on campus or search for Safari at Temple library database finder.

Reading discussion question:

a) When would you prefer to have a “data dump” to analyze data with Excel pivot tables and when would you prefer to use Access queries?

Week 8 Class Follow-Up

Follow-up from Wednesday night’s lecture:

(1) FoxCapture is available here.

(2) Slides also available.

(3) For your individual projects, don’t forget to check Gartner reports as a potential resource. Depending on your topic, they may or may not have relevant information, but it is definitely a resource you should check out.

(4) I’ve had a number of questions about the final exam. I will cover this in more detail as we get closer to the exam. Here are a few pointers for now:

First, it will be short answer / essay format that tests conceptual understanding of the material covered in this course.

Second, I will provide an exam review guide.

Third, the questions will be similar to what we have as discussion questions on the blog each week as well as those posted as case study discussion question.

Week 5 Follow-Up

Follow-up from last night’s lecture:

(1) FoxCapture is available here.

(2) Slides also available.

(3) Later today, I’ll update this post with more information about preparing for next week’s class on Google Analytics.

Update: Here is the reading for Week 6

  1. Web Analytics, Wikipedia.
  2. Pages 9-16 of “Chapter 2: Why Analytics? of Google Analytics™ Third Edition, available in the Safari Tech Books Online database at
  3. Pages 299-321 of “Chapter 10: Focusing on Key Performance Indicators” of Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics™, Second Edition available in the Safari Tech Books Online database at

Further instructions: on Wednesday October 6, 2010 our class will meet in Alter 602 – MIS Desktop Lab.

Week 4 Follow-up

Follow-up from last night’s lecture:

(1) FoxCapture is available here.

(2) Slides also available.

(3) If you haven’t read the assignment details for the individual and group project assignments yet, check them out in the pages section (top right-hand side of the blog).

(4) A resource you may find helpful for your individual and group project assignments is Gartner technology reports. A few months ago I found this in the TEMPLETODAY announcements:

Temple students, faculty and staff now have access to reports from Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company. The Gartner site provides access to a comprehensive collection of analysis and advice for users and vendors of technology. To access the site, visit the TUportal and click the link to the “Gartner Gateway” on the left under TUapplications.