Prof. Johnson teaches Data and Knowledge Management

Week 12 Excel Pivot Table Reports Lab

Reading to prepare

Pivot Table Reports 101 (expand sections at bottom of page to read entire page.)

Learn to use Pivot Tables in Excel 2007 to Organize Data. If you have never used Pivot Tables before, or at a little bit rusty with them, I highly recommend downloading the example spreadsheet (available at the bottom of the article) and working through the examples.

Chapter 4 (Hacking Pivot Tables) of Excel Hacks, Second Edition by David Hawley and Raina Hawley (2007). Free online access available via Safari books online via Temple Library — on campus or search for Safari at Temple library database finder.

Lab Materials

Here is the data file for this evening’s lab.

EmergencyRoomVisits.csv (ZIP file)

Download. Unzip. Open in  Excel.

Electronic copy of lab exercises: WK12 Excel Pivot Table Lab.

Class Capture

Class capture of class meeting.

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