Term Project Instructions (Individual and Group Portions)

The instructions for the term project are here. It contains instructions for the individual and group portions.

We’ll discuss this in class on September 7.

Final Version of the Syllabus

Here is the final version of the syllabus. The readings have not changed, but due dates and some other details have, so use this version.

I have also put up a link to the cases for the course on the Harvard Publishing site. You’ll find it under “Course links” on the right.

See you in class on August 31.

Draft Syllabus

If you’re curious about what you’ll be doing in the course, take a look at this draft syllabus.

Keep in mind that it’s just a draft, so you may see changes up until the first day of class. So don’t purchase any cases yet!

I will replace it with a final version in a later post.

See you in class on August 31!