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Tips for good slide decks

You will be creating slide decks to deliver your case analyses and your semester project. This is an important skill that will serve you well beyond this course, especially if you take some time to really refine your techniques.

Often slide decks are used to communicate ideas in place of a traditional, essay-style white paper – sometimes the deck is the only thing that your audience will see (not even your “live” presentation). So you want to make sure your slides are able to communicate an idea clearly and efficiently. This means being creative with how you convey your points (i.e., avoid long lists and the “wall of text”).

We’ll talk more about this in class, but here are some resources (many taken from my FoxMIS colleagues David Schuff & Munir Mandviwalla) to get you started.

  1. Here is a site from Garr Reynolds with some great advice.
  2. And some more good advice from Travis Isaacs (Influencing Change Through Presentations).
  3. Lifehacker’s guide to creating presentations that “don’t suck.”

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