MIS 5112 Business Design and Innovation

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    Tips and Suggestions for the 2nd + 3rd weekend

    As we prepare for the upcoming weekend for MIS 5112, here are some helpful tips to consider.

    Learn from your previous assignment for the Bus shelter to improve for the next round.

    a.     Tea drinking assignment:

    Part 1 – Make sure that you provide a thorough overview of the tea ceremony/ritual you are researching.  This is a written description covering the TOOLS/PROCESS/TEAS CONSUMED/SOCIAL CONTEXT OF THE RITUAL / HISTORY.  Do not fill out the matrix – we will do that in class to organize the information.  If you need more than 2 pages (several of you have requested more)– up to 3 is OK.

    THIS IS NOT AN EXERCISE IN CUT-AND-PASTE FROM WEBSITES.  To earn a better grade, summarize in your own words and cite your sources.

    Part 2 – The interview should tell a compelling story about a person’s PERSONAL RITUAL drinking tea.  You want to convey their personal preferences, emotions, quirks and memories.  This should really tell a story and go beyond question and answer.  It is about what makes them unique.  Consult the samples posted on the course blog for examples of good work.


    b.     Return experience

    Make sure you provide 2 different means of representing your experience returning an item.  Think of this like Google Maps and the different ways they represent the exact same journey (maps, aerial photos, lists, street views, etc).  Make sure you go beyond raw recording and include other dimensions as listed in the assignment:

    •       what were the breakdowns

    •       who were the actors

    •       what were they saying/thinking/feeling

    •       what tools or artifacts were involved

    •       what dimensions of experiences were involved

    •       spatial relationships, time, sequence, sound


    Think carefully about how the service was performed and how it was designed.  You want to document the experience and provide insights into its successes and failures.


    Once again, come comfortably dressed and prepared to work.

    –       Have your laptops cameras and any necessary accessories to download files.

    –       Make sure to have prints of photos relevant to your Tea Ritual research and Return Experience.  Screen shots of Apps will help for the Investing in Ourselves project.

    –       Be prepared to share video and photos with your team members.

    –       Have 1 set of prints of your assignments to turn in and another to use with your team.

    –       Share your BEST work!

    –    Come on time – 9AM