Newsweek article: Where Entrepreneurs Go Shopping

Good article in Newsweek that complements our reading for next class: In The Next Industrial Revolution, Atoms Are the New Bits.

I view this trend as evolutionary rather than disruptive.  Hobbyists have been around forever and there have been options for building prototypes in the past. 

However I do think that the TechShop is a clever business model.

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  • Great post… Here is another article in the same light but this “store” empowers a different set of people.

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    James D. Black says:

    This looks like a fun and interesting business. surprising that they are based in nyc. i expect that if the business continues to grow, they will feel the need to move to a place with lower overhead.

    after this set of reading i am thinking about getting back into hobby electronics, but of course i have no time!

  • The idea of crowdsourcing is powerful – it cuts product development costs and will likely result in improved design and functionality. One interesting aspect of this shift to crowdsourcing is that it has the potential to impact nonconsumers, undershot customers AND overshot customers…

  • Both are great articles and thanks for the find. it would be amazing if we could have one of these shops in our own backyards (although I have not done the research). I took this course and the material is powerful.


    This article makes the case that we are now in Web 3.0 – sounds suspiciously like crowdsourcing to me! Is this the next wave?

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    David J. Rosenberg says:

    I think places like TechShop are a great tool for innovation that can lead to disruption. However, many new entrants also need to focus on developing effective business processes.

  • Thanks for posting, Jim. I am interested in anyone’s thoughts on crowdsourcing solutions for professional services. Medicine, law, Engineering (my primary business practice). Will this, or perhaps more precisely WHEN will this, transcend design and manufacturing and disrupt the services sector? Or has it already……?