Lyndsey Martorana, Business Analyst, JPMorgan Chase

I am a current participant in the Technology Corporate Development Program that is comprised of recent college graduates at JPMorgan Chase in Newark, Delaware. The CDP Program is a 2 year program for select new hires that includes a 5 week ‘IT Boot camp’ training program that is held in Jersey City, NJ. I am currently a Business Analyst within JP Morgan’s Investment Bank Technology – Securities Core Processing group in Newark Delaware. As a business analyst, my major areas of responsibility include business process and system modeling, as well as management of our SharePoint site and project documentation. I will also be participating in User Acceptance Testing in the upcoming months. As an analyst in IB Technology, I work very closely with other analysts and developers as well as our operations groups that are located not only in Delaware, but in New York City, London, and Bournemouth.

The Fox MIS program has given me the necessary skill set and problem solving abilities to have a successful and meaningful career at JPMorgan Chase. I find myself applying the educational tools and critical thinking skills I have acquired from courses such as Business Process Analysis and Project Management to accomplish my responsibilities successfully. Many of the topics covered throughout the Fox MIS courses such as the SDLC, process modeling, and application development were also included in the JPMorgan IT Boot camp curriculum that I attended this summer. Having a strong background and understanding of these topics and tools before attending the Boot camp gave me an advantage at training.

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