Michele Moses, Technology Analyst, Merck

Michele MosesMichele received her MBA with a concentration in Information Technology Management (ITM) in May 2013. She is currently employed as a Business/Technology Analyst in Merck’s IT Emerging Talent Rotational (ETR) Program. ETR enables recent graduates to develop technical, business, and leadership capabilities while rotating through different areas of the company for a two-year period, before settling into a permanent position. For her first rotation, Michele is working in Global Real Estate Services. This team manages Merck’s worldwide portfolio of offices, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, etc., and implements solutions to optimize the real estate footprint and increase workspace efficiency.

Michele initially enrolled in the Fox full-time MBA program because she was seeking a career change and new challenges in a growing business. Prior to earning her MBA, Michele worked as a Production Coordinator in the TV/ film industry but became increasingly interested in a career in technology and business. She decided to pursue a future in IT and found that the Fox MBA program provided the foundation she needed to enhance her skillset and become a valuable asset in the business world.

“After receiving an education from Fox – specifically in the MIS department – I felt fully prepared to begin a career in IT. I have found that the topics covered in the ITM coursework not only apply directly to my day-to-day job, but also help me understand and contribute to the fundamental business objectives that drive the company. In addition, Fox MIS gave me the opportunity to learn from and network with industry professionals, which ultimately led to my position at Merck.”

Congratulations to Michele and continued success

Doug Schutz, Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Science

Doug SchutzDoug Schutz received his Ph.D. in Business Administration specializing in Management Information Systems (MIS) from Temple’s Fox School in September. He has accepted the position of visiting Associate Professor at the Tokyo University of Science in Japan. Doug’s research interests include knowledge seeking and sharing through the use of corporate social media, IT enabled innovation, and IT mobility in the urban environment. Doug states, “I greatly appreciate the advice and encouragement that I received for my research from the MIS Department’s world class faculty.”

Doug was one of only 40 Ph.D. students selected globally to present his research at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) Doctoral Consortium in Shanghai, China. His work has been published in the conference proceedings of ICIS and has been nominated Best Paper at the Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science (HICSS). He has served as a reviewer of research papers for numerous academic journals and conferences and has taught the MIS course Information Systems in Organizations.

Doug has also worked as a Graduate Student Advisor for the Urban Apps & Maps Studios of Temple University. In this role, he advised a team of students that designed and developed an app that won the first place prize of $2,500 at Temple University’s first ever “hackathon”. In addition, one of the students that he mentored won “Intern of the Year” out of a total of 90 interns.

Prior to his work in academia, Doug worked as an IT manager and consultant for two Fortune 500 companies in New Orleans, Louisiana. Before working in IT, he served as a Naval Officer onboard a destroyer and a cruiser. Doug received an MBA in MIS from the University of Texas at Austin, and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland.

Sameer Anand, Consultant, IBM

Sameer AnandSameer graduated from Temple’s Fox Business School in May 2012 with a B.B.A. in Management Information Systems. Prior to graduation, he was offered a full-time position as a Consultant in IBM’s Consulting by Degrees program. More specifically, Sameer was placed in the SAP line of business within IBM’s Enterprise Architecture Public Sector branch. During his undergraduate career, Sameer worked as a SAP Student Associate at the Campbell Soup Company, now he is able to apply the SAP skills he learned to his future career at IBM.

Shortly after graduation, Sameer relocated to Arlington, Virginia to begin working on his first project. He is currently working on a Department of Defense SAP implementation as a Project Management Assistant and Finance Functional team member. Some of his day to day tasks include creating functional specifications, converting legacy data, and maintaining project financials.

“The professors in the M.I.S. department prepared me well for my future career as a technology consultant. Within many classes, professors made it a point to indicate common implementation complications and possible solutions. Although many of the problems I may face in the future may be different, I am confident that I have the skills to attack the issues with the lessons learned in the classroom.”

Ofo Ezeugwu, CEO/President, Untapped, Inc

Ofo EzeugwuOfo Ezeugwu graduated in May 2013 from Temple University with a minor in MIS.  While he attended Temple, he was the VP of External Affairs for Temple Student Government. In the midst of his school work, extracurricular activities, and past internships with Thompson Financial Group and Johns Hopkins University, he started his own company called Untapped, Inc. Outside of online marketing and brand development, his company most recently started a website called WhoseYourLandlord.com. The website helps college students by allowing them to rate their residence halls, landlords, and apartment complexes. While it started out of Temple University, they are now focused on expanding across the U.S., starting with NYC.

Ofo is the CEO/President of Untapped, Inc. and the founder of WhoseYourLandlord.com. His business is comprised of current and former Temple students. WhoseYourLandlord.com, has already been featured by Temple’s Fox Stars, CBS Philly, KYW NewsRadio, HerCampus.com, and PhillyMag. His site has earned recognition as “The Rate My Professor of Off-Campus Housing.”

“The things I’ve learned and experienced at Temple University truly helped to shape the person I’ve become now. The MIS department works hard in properly preparing its students to achieve far more than they often think possible. The technical and strategic aspect of training, I received in the classroom, enabled me to achieve so much in such a short period of time.”

Stan Soroka, IT Project Manager, Cigna

Stan SorokaStan graduated from Temple’s Fox School of Business in May 2009 with a BBA in Management Information Systems. Shortly after graduation, he began his career at Cigna with the Technology Early Career Development Program (TECDP). TECDP is a three and a half year rotational program designed to enable associates to gain a broad IT understanding, build experience, and develop leadership skills. The purpose of the program is to develop high potential, high performing professionals with health services expertise, strong technical knowledge, and solid analytic skills into future leaders within Cigna’s IT organization. Throughout each of his rotations, he has held the role of Business Management Analyst, Production Support Project Manager, and Enterprise Project Manager within multiple healthcare business segments.

Following his completion of the TECDP Program, he posted into the role of Enterprise Project Manager within the Healthcare Reform Program (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). His responsibilities include solution delivery, financial management, and operational readiness for multiple projects and compliance initiatives within the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) and Admin Adherence & Simplification workstreams. He works in close partnership with application development, quality assurance, portfolio governance, and senior leadership teams supporting various business segments to deliver enterprise-wide solutions in compliance with federal and state regulations introduced by the Healthcare Reform law.

“I believe the MIS program prepared me exceptionally well for the wide array of responsibilities and challenges that I have experienced throughout my early career. The course curriculum, whether business process analysis, project management, database design, or application development, allowed me to gain an understanding of each delivery function and role, prior to even stepping foot in the Cigna office. The MIS program not only taught me deep technical knowledge in support of SDLC methodologies, but more importantly, how each and every function relates to core business goals & principles, and ultimately, how it impacts the customer.”

Ilya Rogov, Associate Consultant at LiquidHub

ilya-pic (400x389)“I graduated Temple Fox School of Business in May 2010 with a BBA in MIS. Initially I worked as a web developer for a medical publishing and then a medical services company in the Philadelphia area. During the summer of 2012 I was offered the great opportunity to work at LiquidHub through the close connections I made via the Fox MIS program. LiquidHub is a global management and technology consultancy focused on fueling business transformation for their clients in the healthcare, life sciences, financial services, insurance and other progressive markets.

My work at LiquidHub involves assisting with a merger between two large independent music distributors, specifically data migration. This process consists of having a solid understand of industry-specific business concepts to create data models that can be easily manipulated and transferred. I utilize tools such as Talend and my understanding of relational databases to develop jobs to move data across systems. It’s fun and challenging work.

The MIS program at Fox has prepared me well for my current role. The database course along with the programming classes have helped me tremendously to grasp the technology fundamentals that lie behind every system I’ve worked with. Furthermore, the business and analytical background I was taught have aided me with planning and communicating my responsibilities effectively. Finally, the close connections I have made at Temple through the Fox School and MIS have proven to be an invaluable resource both personally and professionally.”

Michelle Dy-Reyes, Systems Integration Analyst, Accenture

IMG_9976 (445x445)Michelle graduated from Temple’s Fox Business School in May 2012 – earning her B.B.A. in Management Information Systems.  A few months before graduating, she was offered a full-time position as a Systems Integration Analyst in Accenture’s consulting workforce.  She has always known that she wanted a career in consulting and was ecstatic to start at Accenture.   Michelle worked with many Accenture consultants in her previous internship at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals and was thoroughly impressed at the excellent rapport they had with the client.

As a Systems Integration Analyst in the Technology Growth Platform, she is being exposed to a wide variety of projects, technology, roles and responsibilities. Currently she is involved in the business process and designing the functional specification of an SAP implementation.

“I am especially appreciative of the availability of a student professional organization like Temple AIS which has developed much of my leadership and communication skills. I think the real-world simulation that SPO’s provide is an opportunity all college students should take advantage of as it teaches valuable people skills – like how to ask questions and get the answers you need (which is a key business analyst skill!). Finally, the networking opportunity available to MIS/Temple AIS students is exceptional! I’ve met a lot of key industry people through FoxMIS/Temple AIS and it has opened many doors for me – I strongly encourage others to take full advantage of it.”

Liudmila Davidzenka, Application Consultant, IBM

I graduated Temple Fox School of Business in May 2012 with major in Marketing and minor in MIS. Shortly after graduation, I got an opportunity for an amazing job at IBM as an Application Consultant and lead analyst in a very fascinating area – social media. My team, CIO Social Media Analytics, specializes in integrating social listening, social analytics, social monitoring, and human insight analysis to provide actionable insights.  Through the use of social media we transform the results into intelligent data, thus enhancing IBM’s business intelligence. Without the great professors helping me learn the skills needed for this role and them directly exposing me to awesome networking event this opportunity may not have become a reality.

As an application consultant and lead analyst I use a combination of analytic applications such as Cognos Consumer Insight (CCI), IBM Content Analytics (ICA), and SPSS Modeler and provide a human insight analysis to enhance sophisticated analysis of social media content. Leveraging the power of these tools, combined with human insight analysis, enables the company to identify patterns, view trends, and reveal unusual correlations, spikes, and anomalies, and thus, bring the power of business intelligence to all of the company’s information.

Temple University made a significant contribution to my professional development and enhancement of my skills. I’m grateful to all of my professors, who shared their knowledge and expertise, which prepared me to compete with other highly qualified candidates for this particular position. An outstanding curriculum and amazing professors helped set me aside from other job candidates not only through academic preparedness but by personal recommendations on my behalf.

I greatly appreciate the effort that my professors took to encourage their students to constantly seek networking opportunities. Professor Johnson, for example, exposed us to multiple networking events by inviting inspiring speakers to our Social Media class. These speakers made me passionate about social media and the value that businesses can get from it if they learn how to utilize its content. Thank you very much, Temple University, and MIS Department in particular for opening the door for me into fascinating career opportunities with a bright future.

Ruslan Gorbonos, IT Specialist/COTR, General Services Administration (GSA)

I graduated Temple University in 2008, where my major was Marketing and minor was MIS. Immediately after graduation, I was hired as the IT Specialist by the Federal Government, at the United States General Services Administration.  As an IT Specialist, I currently manage all aspects of the acquisition life cycle on more than 25 active IT and Professional Services procurements on behalf Federal agencies such as:  US Army in Europe, Navy, Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Security Service, TRICARE Management Activity, Department of Veterans Affairs, Social Security Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, and Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). These procurements are valued at greater than $750 million dollars.

I assist client agencies by providing cradle to grave acquisition support and full range of project management expertise for their IT requirements by developing technical requirements tailored to meet their unique acquisition needs.  I serve as the technical expert, Chair of the Source Selection Panel and a business advisor by providing technical recommendations to internal and external stakeholders and assist clients in the evaluation of proposals to ensure that all proposals are evaluated properly and that all rules of the solicitation are followed.

As for few notable accomplishments, I assisted CMS with the development of technical requirements and provided guidance and expertise through solicitation and evaluation of proposals for CMS’ Healthcare Integrated General Ledger Accounting System (HIGLAS) acquisition. The HIGLAS acquisition was valued at approximately $500M.  I provided acquisition support on the Army Europe Information Technology Training (AE-ITT) program’s $45M contract that provides theater-wide Information Assurance and Information Technology training for all of DoD and Non-DoD users across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. In the 1st year, this contract provided training to over 2,200 military end-users.  I would like to thank Temple’s FoxMIS program for giving me the IT knowledge, IT foundation, and the opportunity to find an amazing job and thereafter successfully progress with my career.

Taahir Khan, Engineering and Systems Support Specialist, The Boeing Company

I’m currently working as an Engineering and Systems Support Specialist in the Field Services division of Defense, Space and Security at The Boeing Company.  My team, Service Engineering, provides maintenance support for the V-22 Osprey Tilt-rotor aircraft.  I am responsible for a variety of things that range from Information Technology to Project Management.  One ongoing task is to manage and maintain all the data that flows to and from the group using various Boeing approved systems and provide monthly metrics to my team and upper level managers.  Also, I work as a CAM (Control Account Manager) where I monitor various repairs and/or changes to the aircraft from ‘cradle to grave’.  Also, I’m currently training for my new project where I will be the lead in setting up the LAN (Local Area Network) for various military bases nationally and eventually internationally.

The Fox School of Business and the MIS Program did a spectacular Job in preparing me for my current position at The Boeing Company.  I find myself applying many of the things I’ve learned in and out of the classrooms to my everyday work life.  The Project Management course stands out when I think back over my curriculum.  It taught me two important lessons: (1) how to successfully collaborate with others in a group setting and (2) time management.  These two skills are invaluable in the work place and can help you succeed in all aspects of life. Also, networking was one other important element that I truly solidified while going through the MIS program.  It’s very healthy to create and maintain friendships with your peers and faculty because this skills and those relationships will eventually travel with you throughout your professional careers.  I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn these things from the MIS Program.

Adam Feld, Dow Chemical, Business Intelligence-Analyst

Dow’s diversified industry-leading portfolio of specialty chemical, advanced materials, agro sciences and plastics businesses delivers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to customers in approximately 160 countries and in high growth sectors such as electronics, water, energy, coatings and agriculture. In 2010, Dow had annual sales of $53.7 billion and employed approximately 50,000 people worldwide. The Company’s more than 5,000 products are manufactured at 188 sites in 35 countries across the globe.

I am currently working in Business Intelligence where my main focus is in Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S).  We are currently going through a transition from a heritage SAP ERP system to a current more up to date version.  With that said I am gathering requirements from different countries to translate to BW architects what is needed for reporting.  I have also done multiple projects in SharePoint and My Site’s which are part of Microsoft’s new BPOS suite.  The Reporting team has been recognized as being the elite in the IT industry which led us to be highlighted in CIO magazine as a result of Diamond System’s.

The MIS program at FOX has given me the tools/skill sets to understand issues inside and outside of the box.  It taught me that not only that there is a way to solve a problem, but that the solution should be the most effective, efficient and cost saving approach.  This program is not just for the tech savvy geeks in all of us, but for the business professionals who understand technology and can integrate it with high performance business using innovation.

Lyndsey Martorana, Business Analyst, JPMorgan Chase

I am a current participant in the Technology Corporate Development Program that is comprised of recent college graduates at JPMorgan Chase in Newark, Delaware. The CDP Program is a 2 year program for select new hires that includes a 5 week ‘IT Boot camp’ training program that is held in Jersey City, NJ. I am currently a Business Analyst within JP Morgan’s Investment Bank Technology – Securities Core Processing group in Newark Delaware. As a business analyst, my major areas of responsibility include business process and system modeling, as well as management of our SharePoint site and project documentation. I will also be participating in User Acceptance Testing in the upcoming months. As an analyst in IB Technology, I work very closely with other analysts and developers as well as our operations groups that are located not only in Delaware, but in New York City, London, and Bournemouth.

The Fox MIS program has given me the necessary skill set and problem solving abilities to have a successful and meaningful career at JPMorgan Chase. I find myself applying the educational tools and critical thinking skills I have acquired from courses such as Business Process Analysis and Project Management to accomplish my responsibilities successfully. Many of the topics covered throughout the Fox MIS courses such as the SDLC, process modeling, and application development were also included in the JPMorgan IT Boot camp curriculum that I attended this summer. Having a strong background and understanding of these topics and tools before attending the Boot camp gave me an advantage at training.

Robert Keogh, Logistician, Sabre Systems, Inc.,

Do you know Bob Keogh? About six months ago, he placed 13th overall in the NCAA Outdoor Championships for the hammer throw event and earned All-American second team honors, Bob Keogh Becomes Temple Track & Field’s First All-American Since 1994. On top of being an athlete, Bob was also a MIS student at the Fox School of Business. Bob graduated in Spring 2011, and Sabre Systems Inc. hired him as a logistician. At his new job, Bob was able to apply all the information that he learned while at Temple as a MIS student.

He was kind enough to share his experience with us below:

“About two months after graduating this past spring, I managed to get an interview with Sabre Systems, Inc., a contracting company that specializes in IT, engineering, and logistics services for government agencies and private sector. A week later I was hired as a logistician.  My initial responsibility was to support the engineers of the Visual Landing Aids (VLA) for NAVAIR in Lakehurst, NJ. Now I am being prepped to work in the Automated Logistics Environment for NAVAIR because of my IT knowledge and experience. Logistics is a specialization that thrives off information systems and technology, and I’m so grateful for the quality of education that Fox MIS has given me.

-Bob Keogh Class of 2011

Bob’s story is just one of many alumnus who went from being a MIS student to having a great career. His story has inspired me to try to replicate his achievements. To do so, I must take advantage of the opportunities that Fox MIS has to offer. As a Temple alumni, Bob brought prestige to the University through his academics as well as athletics. We are proud to have him representing Fox MIS students.

More info on Logistician’s: http://money.usnews.com/money/careers/articles/2010/12/06/best-careers-2011-logistician

Eric Enders, Mobility Consultant, SAP, America Inc.

A day after I graduated from Temple University, I received an offer from SAP, America Inc.  I accepted the position where I am currently a Consultant working in the Mobility spectrum.  In this position I am custom developer of mobile applications, specializing in iPhone and iPad devices.

FoxMIS prepared me for this position both academically and physically.  First, my programming classes and capstone are the reason why I was qualified for this position that I am currently in.  In my capstone class, I built a website and programmed functionality for a business idea that my team and I came up with.  FoxMIS also prepared me physically for the hard work and preparation it takes to make it in the real world.  If it weren’t for my hard work and FoxMIS, I would not be where I am today.

Patrick Wasson, Application Development Senior Specialist, CIGNA

I currently work at Cigna, a healthcare company located in the Liberty Two Building in Center City Philadelphia as an Application Development Senior Specialist. Within Cigna’s HRIT department I am responsible for engineering new enterprise wide web applications, enhancing current systems and supporting existing processes and systems within the human resources and corporate realm. The role is heavily steeped in .NET web programming and SQL Server database programming.

Prior to joining CIGNA, I was with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) initially in their IT Development Program, which I was hired into straight out of the Temple MIS program. After 3, 1 year rotations in various IT departments in GSK, including Connectivity Engineering, Central IT Applications and Application Hosting I was hired into the Threat and Vulnerability Management group within the Information Security Assurance department in GSK. While I was in Security with GSK I served as the Lead Web Application Security Tester, where I oversaw the entire web threat assessment process throughout the entire organization.

FOXMIS helped me immensely in that I was able to gain initial contact with GlaxoSmithKline through their connections with the company. I applied for the job at Fox’s Senior Reception. Throughout my entire career I have been significantly aided by my expertise with .NET programming and SQL Server knowledge, which was strongly enforced by the curriculum at FOXMIS. The curriculum in general provides a base to really do anything within IT, which has allowed me to jump around disciplines of IT quite easily in my career. The Professors are a great mix between academic and professional and provided great career guidance to me throughout my time with FoxMIS. In fact, it was Mart Doyle who really encouraged me to consider the GSK IT Development Program.  A decision which I am very glad I made.


Chris Kline, Government Appeals Case Entry Specialist II, Executive Health Resources

For my job, my daily tasks mostly involve reviewing medical claims that are being retroactively denied by Medicare and Medicaid payers. These cases may be submitted as 5 different level of appeals. As a department, we determine which level of appeal the claim is being filed under and make sure these cases are submitted properly by the client hospitals and that no HIPAA violations are created. In order to assure that happens we make sure each case contains information specific to the patient involved in the claim, as well as the hospital and the dates of services that are being denied.

Our department is divided into two teams, and Fox MIS helped me greatly with this aspect by giving me the personal skills needed to collaborate productively with co-workers on my team as well as colleagues across departments. I rarely do any program development but i do use the problem solving skills that I learned from the Fox MIS program.

Josh Phillips, Senior Associate, Healthcare Management Partners

Josh Phillips, FoxMIS alum

For my job, I’ve been doing a combination of data mining and financial modelling for distressed and new hospitals. I’ve also been working on a team developing a hospital analytics package called “HMP Metrics”, which my MIS capstone project (on demand patient migration studies) was incorporated into.

The current project I am working on is building the financial and operating models for three hospitals which we are closing and consolidating into one new facility in South Carolina. The Fox MIS program was perfect to prepare me for my role at Healthcare Management Partners. Healthcare is an intensely data driven industry.

Fox MIS prepared me to use the tools to distill the large amounts of hospital patient and financial data, and the business education to act upon the information discovered. Although I rarely do any coding at work, I have been applying the same techniques to create complex logic in hospital financial models.

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