Ryan Boyce, IT Intern, QVC

Ryan BoyceRyan is currently a MIS major in the Fox School. This past summer he had the opportunity to Intern at QVC in their IT Department. He worked on the Server Admin team where we maintained and built over 1,300 physical and virtual servers. He attributes working at QVC “a truly amazing experience” and had the opportunity to see how IT supports and drives the world’s largest digital retailer.

Ryan is also a current member of IT Services, the consulting arm of AIS. As a group, IT Services collaborates with other student organizations and small businesses to design and implement services such as website development and POS software implementation and execution.

Congrats to Ryan and continued success. http://community.mis.temple.edu/ryanboyce/

Joseph Cenatiempo, Data Analyst, Mesa Veterans Power, LLC

Joe CenatiempoAs a Data Analyst at Mesa Veterans Power, LLC, Joe was responsible for supporting a nationwide effort to upgrade over 42,000 cellular network sites across the country by collecting and analyzing data about the sites currently in operation.  This was necessary in order to make informed decisions about which sites to keep and which to shut down.

Joe implemented a database system that replaced the inefficient spreadsheet system the company was using to complete this project, which as a result greatly increased the speed at which the company could analyze sites. He was individually responsible for converting every single spreadsheet-based data entry in the company to a database entry. In this case, errors in the data would directly result in company profit and reputation loss. He completed the transfer without a single reported error in the data by using an automated script that he programmed from scratch.

Joe also participated in a direct data analysis role during the latter part of his internship, when the company needed extra manpower to complete a project.  He used PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, ASP.NET, and Microsoft Server technologies during the course of the internship which ran from May 2013 – August 2013.

One side note about Joe, he plays Offensive Line for the Temple Owls and wears #60. In 2013 he was on the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll, and in 2012 he was BIG EAST All-Academic Team honoree. Congratulations to Joe and continued success. http://community.mis.temple.edu/joemis/

Anthony Bonanni, IT Intern, Campbell Soup Company

Anthony BonanniAnthony Bonanni is an MIS major and is currently working for Campbell Soup Company as an IT Intern responsible for supporting R&D. He has been involved in various projects that put his business skills and technology skills to work. His biggest project is to manage and facilitate the process of upgrading R&D laboratory PC’s to operate on Windows 7, some of which previously operated with OS’s as old as Windows 98.

Another one of his projects is to improve the management of notes taken by R&D employees who use paper notebooks by implementing electronic lab notebooks integrated with SharePoint and OneNote. He also supports R&D’s internal SharePoint sites and creates collaboration team sites for various teams in R&D. Lastly, he is participating in a project to create visualizations, using CSS, to showcase various social media posts about the company at an upcoming sales meeting. Congratulations to Anthony and continued success. Link to his e-portfolio: http://community.mis.temple.edu/anthonybonanni/

Miraziz Zakhidov, Business Analyst, JP Morgan Chase Co.

Miraziz Zakhidov (913x1280)Miraziz is currently a junior in the Fox School and is interning as a Business Analyst as a part of the Technology Analyst Development Program (TADP) at JP Morgan Chase.  His organization; Enterprise Contact Center Services is responsible for managing and supporting all the company’s contact centers (which supports all lines of business within the company) around the globe.  Miraziz is involved in business analysis and project coordination projects and also assists his manager in research projects on various technologies to identify, assess, and record near-term business needs. Congratulations to Miraziz and continued success.

Jeffrey McMahon, Data Assurance Intern, PwC

Jeffrey McMahon is a MIS major and ITIE minor and is currently working at PwC as a Data Assurance intern. He provides clients with analysis and data visualization that allows high level management and executives to make critical business decisions related to forecasting, trending, and process improvements.

Jeff is also working on a healthcare project that supports healthcare providers transition from an old medical coding system (ICD-9) to new alpha-numeric coding system (ICD-10). ICD stands for International Classification of Diseases, and is the code that represents either a medical diagnosis or a procedure. These codes are stored for medical data analysis and also reported to insurance companies to determine the amount that hospitals are reimbursed. ICD-10 codes provide a more detailed record of diagnoses and procedures and allow for more granular analysis to determine trends that can help with the development of effective treatments. Analysis performed also helps the providers accurately allocate expenses for training of their doctors, nurses, and departments as a whole. The ICD-9 to ICD-10 data conversion has both financial and procedural benefits and implications for the healthcare providers.

Congratulations to Jeffery and continued success. http://community.mis.temple.edu/jmcmahon/

Jacqueline Hakun, Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte LLC

Jacqueline HakunJacqueline a MIS major, accepted Deloitte’s offer as a Federal Business Technology Analyst (BTA) where she will be assigned a service line. Being a part of the BTA program, Jacqueline will work with federal clients to develop innovative solutions to improve business operations and quality.  Congratulations to Jacqueline and continued success.

Catherine Rojas, Business Advisory Associate, Grant Thornton

Catherine RojasCatherine Rojas, MIS major who was extremely involved with the student professional organization known as the Association for Information Systems (AIS) accepted a position after graduation with Grant Thornton.  She will be working as a Business Advisory Services (BAS) Associate.  The advisory branch of Grant Thornton works to assess and improve company processes for maximum efficiency. Catherine expects to be exposed to clients from varying industries as well as different function improvements ranging from information technology services to risk and internal auditing. Congratulation to Catherine and continued success.

Michael Pagan, Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte Consulting, LLP

Michael Pagan (856x1280)Michael Pagan, MIS major accepted a positon after graduation and will be working as a Business Technology Analyst for Deloitte’s federal consulting branch. Upon starting at Deloitte  he will be assigned to one of six service lines: SAP, Oracle, Emerging Solutions, Information Management, Systems Integration or Technology Strategy & Architecture. His roles will vary depending on what service line or federal client he is assigned to. Congrat’s to Michael and continued success.

Charles Vesley, Emerging Talent Rotational Program, Merck & Co., Inc.

Charles VesleyCharles Vesley, MIS major accepted a position after graduation and will be working for Merck & Co., Inc.  Charles was hired into Merck’s Emerging Talent Rotational Program and his first rotation will be part of Merck’s Global Human Health IT which supports Sales and Marketing.  His specific roles will include reporting and analytics for thier Managed Care partners. Congratulations to Charles and continued success!

Amanda Rossetti, IT Corporate Intern, Wal-Mart

Amanda RossettiAmanda Rossetti, MIS major accepted a position for this upcoming summer and will be working as an IT Corporate Intern for Wal-Mart in Bentonville, Arkansas.  Amanda will be working in their Information Systems Division. Congratulations to Amanda and continued success! For more information about Amanda check out her e-portfolio: https://community.mis.temple.edu/amandarossetti/

Stan Soroka, IT Project Manager, Cigna

Stan SorokaStan graduated from Temple’s Fox School of Business in May 2009 with a BBA in Management Information Systems. Shortly after graduation, he began his career at Cigna with the Technology Early Career Development Program (TECDP). TECDP is a three and a half year rotational program designed to enable associates to gain a broad IT understanding, build experience, and develop leadership skills. The purpose of the program is to develop high potential, high performing professionals with health services expertise, strong technical knowledge, and solid analytic skills into future leaders within Cigna’s IT organization. Throughout each of his rotations, he has held the role of Business Management Analyst, Production Support Project Manager, and Enterprise Project Manager within multiple healthcare business segments.

Following his completion of the TECDP Program, he posted into the role of Enterprise Project Manager within the Healthcare Reform Program (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). His responsibilities include solution delivery, financial management, and operational readiness for multiple projects and compliance initiatives within the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) and Admin Adherence & Simplification workstreams. He works in close partnership with application development, quality assurance, portfolio governance, and senior leadership teams supporting various business segments to deliver enterprise-wide solutions in compliance with federal and state regulations introduced by the Healthcare Reform law.

“I believe the MIS program prepared me exceptionally well for the wide array of responsibilities and challenges that I have experienced throughout my early career. The course curriculum, whether business process analysis, project management, database design, or application development, allowed me to gain an understanding of each delivery function and role, prior to even stepping foot in the Cigna office. The MIS program not only taught me deep technical knowledge in support of SDLC methodologies, but more importantly, how each and every function relates to core business goals & principles, and ultimately, how it impacts the customer.”

Joseph Musumeci, Business Analyst, Lockheed Martin

Joseph MusumeciJoseph Musumeci, an MIS major, is working for Lockheed Martin and has been there for a little over one year.  In that year he had the chance to move around the company in different business analysis roles. He is currently working on two projects; one is building a tool to identify insignificant budget/schedule errors to minimize program reporting and the other is developing a plan to delay the upgrade of 130 servers until the time of their replacement.

This upcoming summer Joseph will be switching roles and will be working as an Business Analyst in their Corporate Headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. He will be supporting Corporate Strategy and Business Development.

“Lockheed Martin has been really great to me; they’ve given me the opportunity to move around the company, and have given me work that has really honed in on what I enjoy doing. I’m always proud to say I work I there.”

Joseph’s new roles will be broken down into three parts and they are as follows:

1) Process mapping for merging teams, 2) Analyze consulting services to increase efficiency in the department. He will be given the chance to proposal new tools, processes, etc for a department, if approved they will implement the changes. 3) Support Corporate Strategy and Business Development with contracting external professionals to help with penetration into new countries.

Congratulations to Joseph and continued success!

David Dupell, IS Analyst, DOW

David DupellDavid Dupell, MIS major accepted a position for this upcoming summer and will be working as an Information Systems Analyst. David will be dealing with the Information Systems that create Dow’s financial reports. Congratulations to David and continued success! For more information about David check out his e-portfolio:  http://community.mis.temple.edu/daviddupell/

Yolandra Brown, IT Intern, Campbell Soup Company

Yolandra Brown-168x300Yolanda Brown, MIS major accepted a position with Campbell Soup Company and will be working as a Intern in their IT Strategy, Governance, and Administration department. Her assignments will be assisting in the the areas of IT audit and controls, contracts and software management, IT communications (involving Service Costing and End-End Service Management), and portfolio asset management.  More information about Yolandra: http://community.mis.temple.edu/yolandrabrown

Vexhi Buharaja, Information Services Intern, AstraZenenca

Vehix BuharajaVehix Buharaja, MIS major accepted a positon with AstraZeneca and will be working as an Information Services Intern.  Vehix will be working mainly with Oracle Fusion and other Middleware platforms to assess the efficiency of AstraZeneca’s current IT infrastructure.  Check out his e-portfolio: http://community.mis.temple.edu/vexhibuharaja/

Megan Stephens, Online Communications Intern, Philadelphia Zoo

My name is Megan Stephens and I am currently a junior studying both MIS and International Business.  This spring, I began working at the Philadelphia Zoo as the Online Communications Intern.  In addition to maintaining and updating the various social media sites, I also help to edit and add content to the main website.  I am also working on projects for the Year of the Orangutan.  I am working with the graphics department to produce videos of Orangutans and use them with QR (Quick Response) codes that will be displayed by the orangutan habitat.  I am also working to create a WordPress site for the UNLESS Campaign.  This is working to spread awareness about Sustainable Palm Oil and saving Sumatran Orangutan habitats. In addition to this, I am helping to spread awareness about the University UNLESS contest; it is a contest for college students to design an app that spreads awareness about Sustainable Palm Oil, with a $10,000 cash prize!

FoxMIS has helped me succeed in my internship. Not only do I use Google Analytics all the time, but I knew how to interpret the numbers and how to create an effective report which provides insight into the numbers.  Having a base knowledge in coding has helped me with the creation of the UNLESS Word-Press site and I know how to communicate my ideas effectively and efficiently.  Through my internship I am not only learning many new skills but I am also learning how to apply my skills acquired in the classroom to real life.

If you have any questions or interests in learning more about University UNLESS or about interning at the Philadelphia Zoo, please email me at megan.stephens@temple.edu


Karla Hernandez-Martinez, Risk Assurance Group Intern, PwC

My name is Karla Hernandez-Martinez; I am a junior at the Fox School of Business studying Accounting and Management Information Systems. This upcoming summer 2012 I will be interning at the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in Philadelphia under the Risk Assurance team. The Risk Assurance team concentrates on preparing audits of information systems. Basically, the firm checks for any possible weak or missing controls in the company’s information systems that could potentially lead to fraud.

I am lucky to say that I am well prepared for the tasks ahead because of my MIS major. The curriculum I have taken thus far has helped me develop the skills needed for the assignments required in the Risk Assurance department. The course MIS 2502, Data Analytics specifically helped me in understanding how the team uses SQL language to check for control weaknesses. MIS 3504, Digital Design and Innovation helped in understanding the way one should address a problem and correctly document it.

In the Risk Assurance team there are many subdivisions. One such subdivision has people that specifically concentrate in one area and use their knowledge to help companies across the whole US. My knowledge of SAP, PHP and SQL helped paint a picture of my competencies in the information systems areas during my interview. The MIS major at Temple has truly been the driving force behind the opportunity to work for PwC’s Risk Assurance Department.

If you want to learn more about PwC’s Risk Assurance Department, you can follow this link: http://www.pwc.com/gx/en/systems-business-process-services/index.jhtml

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