Jeffrey McMahon, Data Assurance Intern, PwC

Jeffrey McMahon is a MIS major and ITIE minor and is currently working at PwC as a Data Assurance intern. He provides clients with analysis and data visualization that allows high level management and executives to make critical business decisions related to forecasting, trending, and process improvements.

Jeff is also working on a healthcare project that supports healthcare providers transition from an old medical coding system (ICD-9) to new alpha-numeric coding system (ICD-10). ICD stands for International Classification of Diseases, and is the code that represents either a medical diagnosis or a procedure. These codes are stored for medical data analysis and also reported to insurance companies to determine the amount that hospitals are reimbursed. ICD-10 codes provide a more detailed record of diagnoses and procedures and allow for more granular analysis to determine trends that can help with the development of effective treatments. Analysis performed also helps the providers accurately allocate expenses for training of their doctors, nurses, and departments as a whole. The ICD-9 to ICD-10 data conversion has both financial and procedural benefits and implications for the healthcare providers.

Congratulations to Jeffery and continued success.

Karla Hernandez-Martinez, Risk Assurance Group Intern, PwC

My name is Karla Hernandez-Martinez; I am a junior at the Fox School of Business studying Accounting and Management Information Systems. This upcoming summer 2012 I will be interning at the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in Philadelphia under the Risk Assurance team. The Risk Assurance team concentrates on preparing audits of information systems. Basically, the firm checks for any possible weak or missing controls in the company’s information systems that could potentially lead to fraud.

I am lucky to say that I am well prepared for the tasks ahead because of my MIS major. The curriculum I have taken thus far has helped me develop the skills needed for the assignments required in the Risk Assurance department. The course MIS 2502, Data Analytics specifically helped me in understanding how the team uses SQL language to check for control weaknesses. MIS 3504, Digital Design and Innovation helped in understanding the way one should address a problem and correctly document it.

In the Risk Assurance team there are many subdivisions. One such subdivision has people that specifically concentrate in one area and use their knowledge to help companies across the whole US. My knowledge of SAP, PHP and SQL helped paint a picture of my competencies in the information systems areas during my interview. The MIS major at Temple has truly been the driving force behind the opportunity to work for PwC’s Risk Assurance Department.

If you want to learn more about PwC’s Risk Assurance Department, you can follow this link:

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