Taahir Khan, Engineering and Systems Support Specialist, The Boeing Company

I’m currently working as an Engineering and Systems Support Specialist in the Field Services division of Defense, Space and Security at The Boeing Company.  My team, Service Engineering, provides maintenance support for the V-22 Osprey Tilt-rotor aircraft.  I am responsible for a variety of things that range from Information Technology to Project Management.  One ongoing task is to manage and maintain all the data that flows to and from the group using various Boeing approved systems and provide monthly metrics to my team and upper level managers.  Also, I work as a CAM (Control Account Manager) where I monitor various repairs and/or changes to the aircraft from ‘cradle to grave’.  Also, I’m currently training for my new project where I will be the lead in setting up the LAN (Local Area Network) for various military bases nationally and eventually internationally.

The Fox School of Business and the MIS Program did a spectacular Job in preparing me for my current position at The Boeing Company.  I find myself applying many of the things I’ve learned in and out of the classrooms to my everyday work life.  The Project Management course stands out when I think back over my curriculum.  It taught me two important lessons: (1) how to successfully collaborate with others in a group setting and (2) time management.  These two skills are invaluable in the work place and can help you succeed in all aspects of life. Also, networking was one other important element that I truly solidified while going through the MIS program.  It’s very healthy to create and maintain friendships with your peers and faculty because this skills and those relationships will eventually travel with you throughout your professional careers.  I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn these things from the MIS Program.

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