MIS Portfolio FAQ

What is my “Portfolio of Work”?
Just as an artist compiles a collection of projects which are representative of their work, MIS professionals compile a collection of their achievements which allows them to demonstrate what they are capable of achieving.  As part of being a member of one of the truly elite majors within the Fox School, all MIS majors will create a portfolio. You will use this portfolio to demonstrate to employers that you are not only a high performer in the classroom but you are also engaged in a variety of MIS related activities outside the classroom.  From being an active member of AIS to working on IT Services project and Project Based Internships outside of the classroom, your portfolio will demonstrate that you are more than someone that takes MIS classes; you have taken on the responsibility for, and are actively engaged in your own professional development.

What are “Portfolio Points”?
Your GPA has traditionally been the way employers assess your performance in the classroom.  In the past, this has been the only metric available to employers to assess performance.  While maintaining a great GPA is important, in some cases it simply demonstrates that a student has “book smarts” and is not always the best indication of how a student will perform on the job.  In addition to consistent high performance in the classroom, employers want to see that you are engaged in your professional development outside of the classroom.  They want to see that you can apply what you are learning to the real world.  They want to see how you work with your peers and accomplish goals.

For each item that is added to your portfolio, you will earn points.  The more significant the addition to your portfolio, the more points you will earn.  For example, we strongly encourage all of our students to work at least one full-time traditional internship.  This type of internship will earn you 600 points.  Creating your e-Portfolio and getting it published in the department’s directory is one of  your first, relatively simple but very important responsibilities.  This will earn you 100 points.

While no two portfolios will be identical, all students will have the same goal.  This goal will be to earn a minimum of 1,000 points before graduation.  As part of being earning one of the most elite degrees in the school, this is a graduation requirement!  Students who fail to earn 1,000 points before they complete the program will not graduate!  Checkpoints have been established along the  way to keep students on task and position them for success but make no mistake, as part of earning a degree from this highly ranked program, all students must meet this graduation requirement.

(The portfolio requirement was added to the MIS program in the spring of 2012 and only applies to students who have taken MIS2501 in the spring of 2012 or later)

What can I earn points for?
As mentioned before, no two portfolios will be identical.  You can earn points for a wide variety of activities.  Each student will have to decide for themselves how they will earn their 1,000 points.  Here are a few of the areas where points can be earned:

Work Related - Hands down, the quickest way to earn the most points is to work a traditional full-time internship.  This is typically done during the summer but it is not unusual for a student to take a semester off from school and work a full-time internship during the school year.  This type of internship will earn you 600 points.  The department also sponsors part-time, project based internships with many of our closest partners from industry.  These project based internships will earn you 300 points.  Points can also be earned for working other types of IT related jobs.  Please visit the department to see  exactly how many points working these jobs are worth.

AIS - Continuous participation in AIS is strongly encouraged.  Each semester, by simply being an active member in AIS, you will earn 20 points.  Over a period of time, these points can add up.  Participating in an AIS IT Services project will earn you 50 points per project.  Playing a leadership role within AIS will earn you 75 points per semester.  You can earn even more points by participating in AIS sanctioned professional development activities.

Courses - In all of your MIS courses, faculty members are encouraged to provide opportunities which will challenge you to go above and beyond basic requirements for the course.  For students who take dvantage of these opportunities, they can earn up to 50 points per course.

Department Engagement – Additional points can be earned for a wide variety of department activities ranging from simply attending the annual IT Awards reception to visiting with high school students and helping them learn more about the field of MIS.

How can I check how many points I have earned?
As mentioned before, creating your e-Portfolio and getting it listed by the department is one of your first and most important responsibilities.  Once you have created your e-Portfolio, finding out how many points you have earned is easy.  Simply go to Community.MIS.Temple.Edu and login to the site.  By early February, you will be able to go into the Community Gradebook to display the points you have earned to date.

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