Nathaly Gonzalez

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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Currently, I am majoring in MIS and minoring in Organizational Leadership. This is mainly because of my interest in technology and leadership. Throughout my life, I have been in various positions of leadership and management. This experience emphasized my calling for business and management, in general. For the IT perspective, that comes from the way the world is heading. In this time period, almost everything is beginning to revolve around technology. In order to stay ahead, there must be some adapting. I already have an interest in technology, so it was only logical to pursue a job within that field. For both of these reasons, I aspire to be an IT project manager, or something else relating to both technology and management.

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Professional Achievements

    • One-Page Write UpSpring 2018

    • AIS officerFall 2018

    • AIS committee chairFall 2017, Spring 2018

    • Assist at a department sponsored eventSpring 2018

    • Fox IT Career FairFall 2018

    • Other Career FairFall 2017, Fall 2018

    • IBIT small group meeting with industrySpring 2018, Spring 2018, Spring 2018, Spring 2018, Spring 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Fall 2018

    • Active AIS memberFall 2017, Spring 2018

    • AIS Mentorship ProgramFall 2018

    • AIS Speaker Series TrackFall 2018

    • AIS Technical Development TrackFall 2018

    • Fox IT AwardsSpring 2018

    • Active TDAP memberSpring 2018

    • AIS professional development workshopFall 2017, Spring 2018

    • AIS Professional Development TrackFall 2018

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