Xbox Live Ecosystem


Imagine a virtual shopping experience that provides users with the ability to shop with their avatars and online friends in an exciting environment. Our Xbox Live team has developed a plan to implement a virtual shopping experience onto the Xbox Live ecosystem. The VSE is financially smart because it will provide more Xbox Live subscriptions, a stronger sense of brand loyalty, and increased revenues for Microsoft.


Our plan is to implement a virtual shopping center that will use the Kinect technology to allow Gold Member users to shop for a variety of online products. The set up for this application is very simple. Consumers will use their Kinect like any other game and be able to walk their avatar through a virtual shopping center of their choice. Once they are in the virtual mall, they simply can walk down the isles and choose what items they want to put in their online shopping cart. Once they are finished shopping they can just check out with their credit card information and the items will be shipped to their house. This will provide a “real life” shopping experience for people who don’t want to leave their homes and can be beneficial to all big box department stores.


Our virtual department store will be profitable not only for Microsoft but for major retail stores as well. Offering the virtual department store exclusively for Gold Members will generate more incentive for people to subscribe to Gold Memberships. Also with the virtual shopping experience , Microsoft can charge a small platform fee for every transaction that takes place in their virtual department stores and will increase sales because all users will need the Kinect technology to use this application. This will also provide increased revenues for department stores because each individual company will have the opportunity to create their own virtual stores through the Xbox Live ecosystem which allows the consumers to shop at their favorite stores. The major costs for this project would be to pay application developers and graphic designers to create these virtual department stores.

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