Panayiotis Laskaridis

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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During the 2017-18 winter break I worked as an intern account executive at Paramount Group INC. During my time at Paramount, I assisted in the marketing campaigns of various Fortune 500 and 100 companies. I worked with Direct Energy to help expand their services to customers across the Greater Philadelphia Area and New Jersey.

During this time, I believe I learned special skills that have afforded me the ability to interact and communicate with just about anybody. Although opposite of my career interests, I had to speak to strangers and convince them to sign up for Direct Energy’s services. I was very successful in my short time working for Paramount. I would not want to work another such job, but the communication skills and customer service skills I learned are unparalleled. I learned how to overturn negatives and speak with people who wanted no part of me. Those skills, coupled with working with a team and presenting to them, gave me a unique skill set that I believe left me prepared for any professional setting.


My professional interests include using R, Microsoft Excel, and Tableau to help me predict future outcomes. Last year, I entered the Temple Analytics Challenge. For this challenge, my partner and I created an infographic to show which regions are most vulnerable to the rising rates of diabetes. Currently, I am working on a personal project with R to help calculate future predictions in sports matches.

Professional Achievements

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