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Things I Wish I Knew When I Started at Temple

Top Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Temple…
(Advice from our Peer Advisors)

  1. Utilize the many resources available to you– utilize the Teaching Assistant’s (TA’s) and the Tutoring Center/ Writing Center.  The TECH Center is an awesome resource too. If you need viruses taken off your computer, they do it for FREE.
  2. Take control of your education and plan ahead- Temple is a HUGE university. Visit offices like Student Financial Services and Advising during off-peak hours (hint: peak hours are typically during priority registration and the first two weeks of each semester. Check out the Academic Calendar for dates: Also, make friends with upperclassmen to help you navigate the university.
  3. Get involved in activities and clubs as soon as possible– take advantage of every opportunity (hint: consider joining an SPO:
  4. Take advantage of your student status- there are so many discounts that you can receive in the Philadelphia area just by having your Temple ID. SWEET!
  5. Check out other venues for books– use eBay, Amazon,  or local bookstores in the Philadelphia area. College bookstores can be a rip off so renting textbooks or buying books from upperclassmen tend to be a heck of a lot cheaper.
  6. – love this!
  7. Center City is not hard or expensive to get to– if you’re losing your mind take a stroll down to Rittenhouse to relax.  Also, become familiar with public transportation and if you have a car on campus, pay to have it in a secure lot.
  8. Dress for success– a suit is definitely a MUST, especially for Fox students.
  9. Know where to eat- food trucks are amazing and cheap (especially the crepe truck by Tyler).  Sodexo and the Fresh Grocer are expensive for what they offer. The SAC is a little better than J&H Cafeteria because it offers smaller portions to help cut down on the “freshman 15”.
  10. Things will not be perfect your first semester– your schedule may not be how you want it to be and you may not have the ideal roommate. You may not love every class you have to take or enjoy every professor, but you’re in college and if you want to accomplish your goals, you have to learn how to cope. You can do it- we all did!!

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BA 4101 Prerequisites – All Fox Students Should Know This!

Attention Fox School of Business Students,

As you continue to make progress towards your degree (and graduation), please be reminded that you will be required to complete the Capstone course – Business Administration 4101 (BA 4101) during your senior (final) year of enrollment.


Please also note that you will not be eligible to register for BA 4101 until you first complete the prerequisite Business Administration 3103 (BA 3103).


Finally, please be mindful that BA 3103 has three prerequisite course (MIS 2101, MSOM 3101, and Finance 3101*).


IN GENERAL, students are encouraged to follow the sequence outlined above to be eligible to register for BA 4101 during your final year of enrollment:

MIS 2101 – completed fall or spring semester of your sophomore year

FIN 3101* – completed before the spring semester of your junior year

MSOM 3101 – completed before the spring semester of your junior year

BA 3103 – completed fall or spring semester of your junior year (must first complete MIS 2101, FIN 3101*, and MSOM 3101)

BA 4101 – completed during the fall semester of your senior yearCapstone Course (determined by your major) – completed spring (final) semester of your senior year


Please review the below helpful information.  We hope this is helpful.  Please consult with your academic advisor if you have any questions .