Fantasy Talk Week 3: Replacing Jamaal Charles

It is rumored throughout Fantasy Football land that there may be in excess of 25 million different fantasy teams this year. Prior to Week 2, Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles was owned in 100% of those leagues.  It is reasonable to believe that Charles was drafted in the top 10 in every fantasy draft this year.

So, there you have it, Jamaal Charles is the centerpiece of your fantasy team. The Chiefs without Jamaal is similar to The Beatles without Lennon. I spend money to play in a fantasty league, in which I drafted Jamaal Charles.

The Kansas City Chiefs announced on Tuesday that Jamaal Charles will be placed on Injured Reserve. This means his season is over.

I can complain all I want. Truth is, complaining will get me nowhere, I now have to adjust my lineup, and so does so many fantasy football players all over the country.

An injury as significant as this will leave your fantasy team in the league basement if you do not rethink your strategy. In fantasy football, the team owner is the general manager of the organization. Just like a real life organization, the fantasy football GM must adjust on the fly.

So, I will introduce my strategy guide that can potentially solve lineup issues for any GM’s who employed Jamaal Charles as their star running back.

The Megatron

Yes, The Megatron. Get excited, this is a season saver.

I will make this very simple. Megatron is the nickname of Detroit Lions star wide receiver Calvin Johnson. In my opinion, Johnson is capable of being the most dominant player in the NFL given the right supporting cast.

It is now time to trade your fantasy team’s “megatron”. Yes I know you lost Jamaal Charles, so find your best player and prepare to notify him of his departure from your organization.

Sound foolish? It may, but there a couple of ways to make this strategy work.

Losing any starter from your fantasy lineup obviously leaves you a hole to fill. It leaves you a starting spot of for grabs, a spot in which Jamaal Charles was capable of providing your team freakish numbers. Charles is like your fake ID, very important.

You do carry bench players, but in deeper leagues those players are on your bench for a reason that usually directly correlates with their role on their real NFL team. They will not get you back to the promise land.

So you trade your next best player. Let’s assume that player is Calvin Johnson, or “Megatron.”

First step, call everyone in your league and make an exciting announcement:

Me:”Yo boss, Megatron for sale, better deals than Black Friday.”

Friend: “Calvin Johnson? Im with that, let me check out your team.”

Me: “Yeah he is a monster. Call you in 1 hour.”

Update your Facebook status, let everyone know. Tweet immediately. Update your status again.

The idea here is two implement a two(2) day hype cycle. Throw a party for Calvin Johnson, and demand nothing but two A grade starters in return.

Patience is a virtue. Demand greatness. Tell your friend you want his top two players and 500 shares of Google common stock.

Now wait. Make a ridiculous offer to every team in your league.

Last step, listen to each every team’s response. Sell, sell, sell. Speak Megatron benefits all day. Say shit like “he might score 26 touchdown this year.”

After creating major buzz, sit back and wait. You only need to sell one member of at least 8 and usually 12.

Usually after 24 hours, someone will offer you two star players for the price of one. You longer are missing a starting roster spot. You spread out consistent point from two new players, instead of solely relying on one “megatron.”

If you made the right trade, Jamaal Charles does not seem as significant a loss after all. Good luck to all.



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