Irsay She Says: Dangling Madden on a String

Just a few days ago, news hit that Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning would miss the season with a neck injury. Immediately thereafter, just hours later, Colts owner Jim Irsay stated the Colts would not place Manning on Injured Reserve and have hopes that he can return to practice in December. And here we are.

A month before the NFL season, Irsay led us all to believe that Manning was fine, and although his week 1 status was in doubt, his star QB fully expected to take the field. What is the significance of this hearsay bologna?

Fact is, I was the bigshot who decided to silence the naysayers, and spend a whopping $32 of fake money to draft Manning as my fantasy football quarterback. I was jacked up. Ensuing the pick, you can hear me say things like “Steal!” and “what great value.” I argued with friends that a great like Manning would play no matter what.

As a side note, a $32 buy on Peyton Manning would be excellent value if he takes the field. Michael Vick doubled that price, and Manning went along the lines of an average NFL QB price. So of course I was on my high horse.


Here I sit with a record of 0-3. I am in 14th place out of 14 teams. The boo birds wake me up every morning. My co-owner did not want to draft Manning, and I overruled him. He is pissed. To say the least, my organization is in shambles.

My problem lies with Jim Irsay. He is like your shady college girlfriend, keeping you interested while she holds off bad news. Jim is using Twitter no less as his source of manipulation. Check out these tweets:

“I didn’t say Peyton out 4season FOR SURE,keeping him on ActiveRoster n taking it month by month/Outside chance of return n December possible” (9/26)

“Peyton ain’t ridin’ in on no white horse! Are guys r ready,but is The 12th man? I’m challenging The 12th Man’s manhood! R u tough enough?” (9/18)

“Peyton’s gonna heal n have 3 or 4 years of a final period of greatness,we’re gonna host an amazing Sup Bow,we’re gonna improve n play better” (9/13)
“#18 to the practice field! Soon the leaves will fall/I looked at sideline sat.night n saw $30,000,000.00 standing there,my checkbook hurts!”
See my point? It was always something different. Late august we saw serious optimisism, and now late September we hope Manning is available for the fantasy playoff stretch. This is a major issue, because I reserve Manning a very valuable roster spot in hope of him returning late in the season. If he does not return, I am wasting the spot for a valuable free agent acquisition. In a 14-team fantasy league, every position matters.
Irsay needs to make up his mind, as I leave him partially responsible for my fantasy football blunders. I am angry Jim, and I want answers.
So, how do you football fans feel about Irsay playing this situation close to the chest?
P.S Here is a short GoAnimate video I put together regarding Indianapolis Colts ownership and management.

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