The Rollercoaster Named Megatron: The Playoff Hopeful Detroit Lions

Yes, I already cleared up something suprising to the naked eye. The Detroit Lions are
playoff eligible after 14 weeks of the 2011 NFL Football season. Exciting yes,
and they have shown capable of matching up against any team that steps in their
path. The Lions play fast, mean, and sometimes incredibly reckless. Clear cut
signs of immaturity have slowed what could be a Super Bowl contender, all
surrounding the teams franchise players.

It was all
cookies and milk when the Lions started the season 5-0. They looked young and
fresh, high-powered enough on offense to hang 30 points on even the best
defenses across the league. Their 3rd year, 23 year old rocket-armed
quarterback in Matthew Stafford averaged a QB rating of 102 while the Lions
averaged over 31 points per contest. Stafford hooked up with Calvin “Megatron”
Johnson for 9 touchdowns during this span.  It was very easy to hop on the bandwagon and
believe in the talent Detroit brought to the table.

Well, we may
have jumped the gun.Since starting 5-0, the Lions have won just 3 of 8 games
and shown signs of back breaking immaturity. The offense has sputtered in all 5
losses, scoring 19 points or less in every game. Megatron has been held to 3
touchdowns in the previous 8 games. Lead running back Jahvid Best was placed on
Injured Reserve after several concussions limited his safety on the field.
Stafford was ejected in a blowout loss to the Chicago Bears for picking a fight
after throwing a fourth quarter interception. Superstar Defensive Tackle
Ndamukong Suh has lost control of his emotions on the field, being flagged
constantly for unsportsmanlike conduct. His last rant on Thanksgiving had him
ejected for the following 2 contests, which can be seen below:

For the
record, Suh was previously featured in a Chrysler commercial that labeled him
as extremely humble. As you can see, the Lions tend to too often play like
talented high school players rather than grown men. The team has shown
excellent progress, but maturity stands in the way as a major issue.Composure
in big games has been virtually non-existent.

My Best Advice:

 Although the Lions have shown to be elite when running on all
cylinders, the team remains far too inconsistent to win crucial playoff games.
All in all, the team has given us much to be excited but, but do not go all-in
on the squad representing the NFC in Super Bowl XLVI. It’s not happening.


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