Water Utility Project: Aguas de la Rioja

This is a water utility plant sponsored by Latinaguas in the country of Argentina. Latinagues is a pioneer in the private management of public water and sanitation. They serve over 130 locations in Latina America. This company is very big in Latina America and Aguas de la Rioja is just on of its projects. Aguas de la Rioja was start in April 2002 and its termination year is in 2032. This project will require funding until its end in 2032. The investment commitments in physical assets are 67 million dollars US. This is not including upkeep and so on. Latinagues owns 100% of the utility and is responsible to damages and moving the project forward. Aguas de la Rioja gives clean water to over 280,000 people in 2005 and is in an area where water is very scarce.

This project is very helpful to the people in the region of Rioja by providing fresh water and sewerage services. This project is an example of how important Project Finance is for people of less fortunate areas. This project should make the area more stable and prevent the spreading of disease.

It is always important to understand who is creating projects and why they are being created. Sometimes you have to read in between the lines to understand why some projects are in place. This project is an example of something positive that is for the elevation of mankind.

If you are interested in the company Latinagues I have attached a link to their website at the bottom. I have also attached another link to a question and answer with Raul Martinez Aguas de la Rioja general manager.



Picture From: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thejourney1972/3474219882/

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