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MS in ITACS Advisory Councilmen
Management Information Systems
209 Speakman Hall
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Telephone Number: 215.204.9563
Email Address: bobdcisa at yahoo.com

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Robert E. Davis, MBA, CISA, CICA is a senior audit manager/management audit consultant, a freelance writer, a public speaker, a Pleier Corporation and Boson Software author as well as a Temple University instructor. His unique qualifications encompass more than twenty-five years of acquired audit, information security, and accounting practice knowledge. Professionally, he has been recognized internationally as an accomplished IT governance, risk, and compliance expert with a strong mix of experience and skills in monitoring and evaluating controls.  In particular, he is listed as: the (First and Inaugural) Temple University CISA in Residence, a Temple University Master of Science in IT Auditing and Cyber-Security Advisory Councilmen, a Thomson Reuters’ expert witness, an IT Governance LTD expert panel member, a leading expert and specialist by The Compliance Authority as well as an International Association of IT Governance Standards honorary member.

Service Activities

CISA in Residence
Master of Science in IT Auditing and Cyber-Security Advisory Council

Quotable Quotes

Laws continue to be enacted, and the regulatory environment has become more complex due to unacceptable conduct remediation. Consequently, entities continue to be compelled to demonstrate compliance with legal mandates through documented assurance assessments.

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    “Just wanted to let you know that yesterday Mengjia Gu came to visit us at Teleflex, Inc. where she conducted an interview for the class she is taking with you. She met with me and Mr. Chuck Fliehman, IT Audit Director.

    I was very impressed by her professionalism and insight. She went through a list of questions she had prepared and added her own as we went along. It was very obvious to me that she was very well prepared and that she understood the subject quite well. Judging by this experience you are doing a great job with the students.” – Michael Romeu-Lugo, Sr. Manager, Global IT Quality and Compliance

  • I passed my CISA (Dec 2012) and would like to thank you, Prof. Davis. I have been honored to have Mr. Davis, Robert E. as my professor of the IT audit process. It’s my belief that my achievement would have not been possible without your knowledge and your guidance. I’m proud, sincerely proud to have had a personality like you as my professor, with such a positive influence in my educational life. I would like to extend my gratitude to all the bright and eminent professionals that we had as professors in this excellent program. This was the key to our success! God Bless you.

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    “My first step to prepare for the exam was your book. Your book was very helpful to gain deep understanding of IT audit process. Also, you were a great prof. I learned a lot in your class. Thanks for everything.” – Burcin Ozcan

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