Richard Mu

Major: MS IT Auditing and Cyber-security
Graduation: August 2018


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Major: Cyber Security


Graduation: August 2018




Welcome to my e-portfolio! My name is Richard Mu. I am currently a full-time student with the IT Auditing and Cyber Security (ITACS) program at Temple University’s Fox School of Business.

I am a member of ISACA Philadelphia Chapter and expanding my knowledge of Cyber Security with courses such as Securing Digital Infrastructure, IT Governance, and Intro to Ethical Hacking.

My background comes from the visual effects industry in working on features and commercials for high profile clients. I have worked as a 3D Artist with my primary focus in the creation of three-dimensional objects to be utilized in animation and various mediums. During my time working at multiple companies, my tasked varied from consulting with clients and being brought in as a subject matter expert in visually designing objects to win pitches on projects. I have operated in various parts of the computer graphics pipeline that ranged from camera layout to texturing and lighting of three-dimensional environments.

I have worked in various OS environments and a basic knowledge of Python.

I have an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. While I was pursing my undergraduate, I was working in Studio X/400A on projects that ranged from indie movies to animation shorts. On various projects that I was associated with, I established modeling guidelines that outlined proper procedures and modeling etiquette.

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