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Growing up in the the small city of Hazleton PA was a treat for many years. I was born on September  19th, 1990 to the parents, Michele and Albert Nicholas. My parents never have gone to college but are both successful in each of their careers. Graduating from Hazleton Area High School in 2009 I knew that I had to take my education further. Since my parents have not received a college degree I knew I had to achieve this goal for them. I also, have two brothers that have been my biggest supporters in my life. My older brother has achieved success by receiving his college diploma in education and has become a full time teacher in the Philadelphia School District. On the other hand my younger brother is still in high school but he looks up to my older brother and I for advice about school and life lessons.

My education did not start at the University of Temple but started at a small community college. Luzerne County Community College is where my education began. My whole life I wanted to become a marine biologist but when the time came to pursue that career it became a difficult decision to follow through with. I was accepted to Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina for their marine program but after a rough year for the economy in 2009 my dreams became further away then I hoped. I decided to save some money and just stay at my community college. There was nothing wrong with this decision I made but that my dreams would not come true. After a year of general studies at Luzerne I knew I had to transfer to a larger university in order to achieve greater success. The decisions were complicated and confusing but after few months of thinking the University of Temple would be my choice. Upon arrival at Temple I faced many questions of what career path I was going to take. Immediately Fox School of Business suckered me in with their state of the art facilities and classrooms. The opportunities were endless for me at Temple and Fox.

After a semester at Temple my major was still undecided and the pressure was building up for me to choose a concentration. I would spend countless hours trying to decide until it finally came down to two. Marketing was an interesting topic for me and it seemed it would be an enjoyable career. I would be working with large companies to promote their products and help sell their products to the world. It seemed cool until I went to my first class of Management Information Systems (MIS).  My professor sold me on the major by stating facts about how it is becoming a very needed profession, that it has a 100% job rate and that I would be working with technology to help run businesses. I saw great opportunities in MIS so I decided on this choice for my major.

I currently joined the Association of Information Systems (AIS) which is the professional organization for MIS students. This organization has become a major part in my college education.  I am the Vice President of Community Service for the Fall 2011 year. I have really established a passion and love for the University of Temple and I hope my young prosperous career can be established here for the next couple of years.


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