I have to chuckle to myself a bit when I read something that suggests that a human should act human. And it is true, we need to remind ourselves of this sometimes. I am a journalism major and have too often witnessed fellow journalists who lose all sense of what they are doing and act like they people that they are talking to are only there to spew out information so that you can in turn spew out their information for them.

It doesn’t work like that. If you yourself act like a person you are going to so much more from the person who is already acting human. As this is true in journalism where face time with strangers is crucial, this is also true for marketing. Acting like a robot can things done on paper, but when you need other people to help you success acting like a droid is going to seriously set you back. It really is who you know and how will you know anyone if you can’t maintain relationships and hold conversations? In this digital age we can all hide behind a computer, but remember we can all ignore e-communication just as easy.

(photo: Google images)

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