Look, they’re on Facebook! As much as I am a champion of free speech and privacy rights, the thought of the Air Force creating fake accounts doesn’t bother me that much. Of course, there is free speech and people are allowed to say whatever they want (with some exception) on their social media pages, people in the Air Force, or any other branch of the military, make a commitment and need to be responsible for whatever actions they make known to their social network. This article makes me think of a friend who was married to someone in the service. They were separated, but he was refusing to get an actual divorce because he would get paid less if he was not married. Of course, my friend eventually could go to the service and explain what is going on — but then you have the investigation process and so on. With the help of Facebook in these instances it could help regarding martial issue that, without a doubt, surface rather frequently.

(photo: Google images)

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