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As everyone likes to note, my generation grew up with computers and technology. That little anecdote is getting old pretty fast, but being old doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. In my opinion, we’ve had the opportunity to be fully emerged in this great age of technology — even better we’ve watched, and participated, in the evolution of social media.

Back in the Jurassic ages of social media we didn’t even know that we were obsessed with is actually called “social media.” We started out on social media pages with the mindset that this is our private little space on the Internet that is only for us and those that we invite in. That is, clearly, not the case, but it didn’t stop us from thinking of social media in that manner. So what is new about social media? Essentially, back when we were using Myspace they were advertising to us, but we just didn’t notice. Now, when we have realized that nothing really on the Internet is totally private, we’ve accepted social media as what it actually is: media. They can craft advertising directly to me and even make me forget that is actually an advertisement. Therefore, is social media actually being media new? Absolutely not. What is new is us taking social media for what it actually is.

Something that is truly new and different with social media is its ability to integrate the consumer with the business. The two can connection with each other and interact, which is something revolutionary. Of course, there have been platforms where customers can comment on establishments, such as Yelp. But, Yelp acts as a middle person — you aren’t directly communicating with the business as you could by writing on their Facebook wall or tweeting at them.

It’s all fun and games (and lots of extra profit, right???) but, someone has to know what they are doing for social media to really work as a business tool. It’s not that working the Facebook platform is like writing Java script, but you definitely need to play around with the different tools in order to maximize the effectiveness of Facebook (or any other social media outlet). It’s all about consistency, being interesting and having proper social media etiquette.

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