Where can I complete the assignment?


You have a few options. Although, it is strongly suggested you only use Alter 602.  SAP is installed and ready for use in the following locations.

  • Alter Hall Rooms 602 and 603 – These are computer labs with a few dozen computers each. Click here for availability information.

    • To log into Lab 602 machines use ‘foxlab‘ as username and ‘student‘ as password
    • To log into Lab 603 machines use ‘.\wirelesslab‘ as the username and ‘student‘ as password.
    • SAP is listed under ‘Fox Applications’ in the Windows taskbar.
  • The breakout rooms in Alter Hall.


* This needs to be completed on Main Campus

If you have any questions please comment below. Thank you.


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  • Cassidy Chan:

    Do we absolutely have to do this assignment at main campus Alter Hall 602? I thought we could do this at home on our personal computers?

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