Carey O’Donnell — 2901 — Section 001

The information you need to logon is:

Application server:

System number: 00

System ID: FS2

You will need the above information and your account.

SAP only currently works in the Speakman labs and Alter 602/603. Although, it is strongly suggested you only use Alter 602. Follow the instructions posted with the assignment on Blackboard to logon.

Your data set number is the last two digits of your SAP login. Be sure to use your data set number every time you see ## in the assignment instructions.

Login is case sensitive.

Student Name User ID Password Server Client
Agarwal, Niharika FS- 89 passtm25 FS2 512
Altman, Jacklin L. FS- 90 passtm25 FS2 512
Amato, Joseph M. FS- 91 passtm25 FS2 512
Armstrong, Samuel J. FS- 92 passtm25 FS2 512
Bedzigui, Arthur L. FS- 93 passtm25 FS2 512
Boran, Ellen FS- 94 passtm25 FS2 512
Bowie, Tatiana N. FS- 95 passtm25 FS2 512
Christenson, Sophia FS- 96 passtm25 FS2 512
Corridoni, Giovanna FS- 97 passtm25 FS2 512
Dokova, Irina N. FS- 98 passtm25 FS2 512
Edelman, Jonathan D. FS- 99 passtm25 FS2 512
Edmunds, Patrick T. FS- 01 passtm26 FS2 513
Elsey, Alana C. FS- 02 passtm26 FS2 513
Hakun, Nicholas E. FS- 03 passtm26 FS2 513
Koeltl, Maeve C. FS- 04 passtm26 FS2 513
Leicht, Martin L. FS- 05 passtm26 FS2 513
Marinello, Christina R. FS- 06 passtm26 FS2 513
Nicolosi, John S. FS- 07 passtm26 FS2 513
Shaw, John F. FS- 08 passtm26 FS2 513
Shearer, Cori A. FS- 09 passtm26 FS2 513
Smith, Kathleen G. FS- 63 passtm24 FS2 511
Thorsson, William J. FS- 64 passtm24 FS2 511
Zhu, Brian H. FS- 65 passtm24 FS2 511
FS- 66 passtm24 FS2 511