Sarah Labbad

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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The MIS classes I am currently enrolled in are Lead Global Digital Projects and Application Integration and Evaluation.

Other classes I have taken include:

  • Digital Solutions Studio
    • This class was the most in line with my career goals and interests. It showed me how to be a successful business analyst which I was able to practice at my Junior BA internship with Temple.
    • Check out my team’s final presentation below!
  • Enterprise IT Architecture.
    • This course was very interesting because it described the behind the scenes of how systems work. This is incredibly important for any future technology professional.
  • Data Analytics
    • This class sparked my interest in data and the multitude of ways it can be analyzed and used to improve processes and gain meaningful insight into why people do and why they do it.
  • Data-Centric Application Development.
    • Although I am not pursuing a career in programming, I feel that it is extremely important for every tech professional to have experience with coding. This class definitely helped me with my attention to detail and problem solving skills, which can be applied to any technological challenge I encounter in my career.
  • Honors Statistical Business Analytics
    • This class is essential for all business majors, especially those who wish to work with data in any capacity. We were able to look at different statistical methods and how to apply them to draw meaningful conclusions.
  • Honors Information Systems in Organizations
    • The introduction class for MIS was what brought me to declare the major. It showed how versatile the skills you learn in the curriculum are and how many ways you can apply your knowledge to the current world. This class has a strong focus on business process mapping, something I enjoy and have used countless times already in my current internships!

MIS 3506 Final Project Slide Deck from Sarah L.

Professional Achievements

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