Sarikka Raman

Welcome to my e-Portfolio!


Major: Marketing & Management Information Systems

GPA: 3.8/4.0

Year of Graduation: 2018

I am currently a Management Information Systems (MIS) and Marketing double-major at the Fox School of Business.  Additionally, I am looking to pursue a minor in Cognitive Neuroscience at Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts.  My interests include media, database management, statistics, and graphic design.  I pride myself in being involved in not only the Fox School of Business, but also Temple University as a whole. Being a Resident Assistant, a Business Communications Tutor, and the Director of Media Relations for Temple’s American Marketing Association has taught me the importance of prioritization, time management, and self-motivation.

I am always interested in expanding my horizons and trying new and exciting things! This quality has made me a very well-rounded individual. While I am very open and out-going, I am extremely focused and goal-driven.  I would love to be a part of an organization that challenges and pushes me to new heights.  I look forward to using my creativity and my attention to detail within the technology industry.

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  • Fox IT Career Fair
    Fall 2016
  • IBIT/CDI Challenge or Conference
    Fall 2016

Events Attended

  • Fox IT Awards
    Spring 2017