Feb 11: Joey George to speak on Culture, Media & Deception

Joey George

Professor of Information Systems and the Thomas L. Williams Jr. Eminent Scholar in Information Systems
College of Business at Florida State University

February 11, 2011

Speakman Hall 200, 1000am – 1130am


Deceptive communication has been studied for decades, but within that vast body of work, relatively little research has been done regarding the roles of cultural or media differences and their effects on deception and its detection. Even less research has been done where culture, media and deception intersect. This presentation introduces two studies conducted at this intersection. The first is an investigation of media selection for deceptive communication, involving Chinese and Americans. The second is a study of deception detection, using Spanish and American participants and judges. Both studies show that culture informs deception and its detection, although media plays less of a role than might be thought.

For a copy of the presentation slides, click here.

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