How MIS2501 Will Help My Career

This semester, my favorite class was MIS 2501 – Enterprise IT Architecture. I have used Amazon Web Services to deploy a variety of services to the cloud over the last two years including SQL & NoSQL databases, load balancers, and full-scale web applications. But I was extremely excited to use Microsoft’s Azure service as part of our class. I found it to be different from AWS in terms of complexity and interface. I will definitely use Azure for my own personal projects in the future. This class was also important for my career, as I am an aspiring Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer, and most positions look for someone who knows a mix of both AWS and Azure. Companies are switching to hybrid cloud models where they balance their operations infrastructure over a mix of private and public cloud. When they choose a public cloud, they often times use two separate providers in order to avoid reliance on a single cloud in case it goes down. Learning Azure from this class will benefit me in the future.

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