Controversial Trendsetter

Today everyone loves fashion, and has his own style. Celebrities always the trendsetters, but are their styles all in good? No, I don’t think so. Let’s explore som controversial trendsetters.

Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo is really a talent person, singing, dancing, and performing. But her dressing is sometimes controversial, the famous green Versace dress, kind of over sexy. Lopez is a fashion icon who pays tribute to her career, and most important, people love her.
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Venus Williams

She is one of the greatest tennis players of all the time and who love to express her fashion sense on the court. Her tennis outfits has got much debate.

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Courtney Love

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Well, this is a rock star with a “next door girl” style. She loves smeared red lipstick and off-shoulder tees, school girl skits.

Elton John

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He is the successfully pop music composer and recording genius, he is not only these, he is a trendsetter maker and champion of LGBT rights. Wearing outlandish glasses, decorative costumes and stunning platform shoes are just a few of the controversial elements of Elton John’s career — he also came out as a gay man in a 1976 “Rolling Stone” interview, at a time when openly gay performers were few and far between.

Britney Spears

This rise and fall teen pop icon is measured in costumes. Her early record and MVs featured a schoolgirl image, which becomes boy’s fantasy. However, later music videos shows sexy elements make her an sex symbol.

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