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Several weeks ago I went to one of the weekly AIS meetings at Temple University. Becton, Dickinson and Co. (BD) was presenting about their internship program. Individuals who had gone, and were currently going through their internship program presented to us about their innovative program. BD provides interns with multiple “cycles” in which they experience different aspects of the technology field at BD. For instance, one person could start off with an information security job while another could start off with a database management job. This aspect is normal for most internships. Interns do come in and perform different tasks. The difference is that each intern gets to experience all of the different cycles for a certain amount of time and then decide which job they enjoyed the most. I believe that this is a great idea because it gives individuals all of the information they need to decide what job they want to do even if this was not the same job that they may have believed they wanted to perform before this experience.

Overall this was a good experience and it gave me interest in the internship program of BD and any other companies that offer interns the ability to try out multiple occupations before deciding on the one that fits them the most.

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