MIS 4596

About Spots




– 30% of downtown drivers are searching for parking.

Drivers spend 20 minutes and travel 1/2 mile to find a spot, on average.

– The average motorist spends 2549 hoursor 106 days, searching for on street parking.

-In one year, Americans travel up to 950,000 miles looking for parking, waste 47,000 gallons of gas and release 730 tons of greenhouse emissions

Most city drivers struggle to find parking that is both inexpensive and nearby to their destination. SPOTS is the parking application designed to make parking easy and efficient, without sending users to expensive garages or parking lots.  Commuters, from students to working adults to tourists, will be able to locate and report available parking spots to help each other find parking, and earn free parking points as they go!  Alongside Google Maps’s trusted navigation application, SPOTS is a powerful tool that’s ready to revolutionize your commute.


To learn more about our project please visit our Project Documents page to view our documents and Prototype Images to view out prototype.