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Spike Lee NY Knicks Foamposites

Its been awhile since I have posted anything about Foamposites but here is a pair I couldn’t pass up on talking about. Foams are known for their variety of extreme/wild colorways and these are no exception. The icy blue bottoms are what really puts these shoes over the top (in a good way). I don’t foresee these being released to the public but if you have been keeping up with the Knicks’ post season run, be sure to spot Spike on the floor and he just may be wearing these.

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Jimmy Rollins Jordan XII PE

I have blogged about player-edition (PE) shoes and also the newly released Jordan XIIs recently….well here’s a post combining both subjects. Jimmy Rollins, one of our beloved Philadelphia Phillies, has his own pair of cleated Jordan XII PEs. Check out the image source link to see Jimmy wearing these shoes in a series of games.


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Puma Disc Blaze LTWT Sporty

These are a really interesting pair of shoes I have never saw before. According to my source, these are being released for a 20 year anniversary. I can’t really see myself purchasing a pair of these but if a pair happened to fall in my lap, I’d rock them with the right outfit.


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Joe Johnson Jordan VIII PEs

One of my life dreams is to become a professional athlete, not for the money and the fame, but for the clothes and the shoes! I have clearly missed the professional athlete window so in order to get my hands  on these exclusive shoes, I am going to have to pay a pretty penny.

Jordan VIIIs are hands down my favorite numbered Jordan shoes. Joe Johnson, NBA player for the Atlanta Hawks, was lucky enough to get his own player-edition of the Jordan VIIIs.

I know I will never get ahold of these, but know, when ever Nike releases another pair of VIIIs, I am all over it!


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