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The One Thing This Post is About

There’s a rule of successful blogging that every post should be about one thing. The one thing this post is about is clearing out my Inbox of links I’ve been saving to post about. 🙂

On Social Media

– Is Your Target Audience On Twitter, Facebook, Or LinkedIn? nicely breaks down (with charts) the different demographics of the three most popular social media websites.


– Watch this video for one of the coolest ways I’ve ever seen to land a job interview — highly targeted placement of Google Ads.

– Why adding a blog to your website is important for Search Engine Optimization, Survey Results: Impact of Blogging on Search Engine Optimization.

– Museums are turning to crowd-sourcing, with great effect: Online, It’s the Mouse That Runs the Museum

– We continue to get more and more of our news from the web: Internet changes news consumption landscape

– The DoD Loosens Social Media Restrictions – Soldiers and other Department of Defense employees may now access and use sites such as Facebook and Flickr via unclassified Defense networks.

On Campus

– The traditional student is no longer. A New Kind of Student has the news:

The traditional 18- to 22-year-old residing on campus is no longer the norm. Almost three-quarters of undergraduates fall into the “nontraditional’’ category, according to a 2002 National Center for Education Statistics report, meaning they work full time, are financially independent, attend college part time, or didn’t go directly from high school to higher education.

Before I got a doctorate, I taught a handful of courses for University of Phoenix Online. One of the best things about that experience, besides confirming I really did want to enter a career in higher education, was their instructor training program.

One thing I remember clearly from that training is how important to make course material relevant to non-traditional students. When you are competing with a lot of other things in someone’s life, it is imperative to make class content and activities meaningful.