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Obesity in America (INFOGRAPHIC)

For a group project assignment this semester in my MIS3538: Social Media Innovation Course, students created infographics. Here’s the next one: Obesity in America.

Obesity in America

(Click on it for a larger version and file sharing options.)

3 Responses to Obesity in America (INFOGRAPHIC)

  • Great info-graph!

    Two facts came very out clear in this info-graph:

    1. The likelihood of Children bringing home made lunch being less obese than those who have school made food is more.
    2. $10 billion budget of food industry is targeting 95% children, but with nutritional quality of food poor.

    I feel somewhere down the line the reason behind childhood obesity is clear. If these get rectified much impact can be generated. Plus a very power pact awareness drive needs to be generated against obesity It is important to streamline the food habits of children, which to some extend is going on.

  • I recently lost 50 pounds and have since realized that the biggest thing I changed was not eating bread products any more. The next is that I try to monitor the calorie totals of my meals, and then I try not to eat anything after 7 pm in the evening.

    Since I’ve stopped eating bread products, I’ve found I can freely treat myself with a favorite ‘goodie’ once a week and indulge on special occasions such as birthdays, etc. and not harm my progress.

    Quitting bread products was difficult at first because it had always been a favorite ‘comfort’ food since I was a child growing up in a family of low income. Bread products were used a great deal to minimized the cost of meals and ‘fill us up’ or for quick cheap snacks.

    My favorite snacks now? Yogurt, cottage cheese with fruit, Praeventia cookies (150 calories per pack) and Thinsations cookies (100 per pack).

    I’ve also found that Crunchmaster multi-grain gluten free crackers are delicious. Gluten free products are a dieter’s salvation.