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What’s So Great About Zero Inbox Anyway?

Victory! or Inbox Zero for my GmailTwo weeks of zero inbox and counting… I can know answer the question: what’s so great about zero inbox, anyway?!

I’ve already found two potentially life-changing benefits:

1. To get down to zero inbox, I had to break the habit of using my email inbox as my primary to do list.

I’ve been making extensive use of Google filters and folders to shuttle off routine emails. The main reason emails hung out for months (or years) in my Inbox was because I wanted to remember to do something. But, really, isn’t that what a to do list is for?

2. To keep a zero inbox, I am highly motivated to respond to emails immediately. I feel a much greater sense of urgency to get a quick fast response completed, which is 99% of the time all an email needs.

Image: Inbox Zero for my Gmail by BryanAlexander