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Top 5 Most Popular Posts and Blogs

I’m teaching a course in Social Media Innovation again this semester and the students are off to a great start. A former student in the class, David Lamb, helped me identify the most popular student content so far this semester.

Top 5 Most Viewed Blogs

  1. Dubai City of Gold by Salman Ghazwani
  2. The JTV Musical Channel by James Tang
  3. PhD Dad by Jason Stienmetz
  4. Life on the Low by Courtney Minich
  5. Philly Phở Joints! by Morsalin Abedin

Top 5 Most Viewed Posts

  1. Pepsi or Coca-Cola? by Elizabeth Dawkins
  2. What does Facebook know about you? What will it share or sell? by Jason Stienmetz
  3. Who is Your Target to Deliver a Message? by Kazuhiko Koyanagi
  4. Is Google Making us Stupid? by Ravi S. Patel
  5. Favorite Trucks/huts/carts to eat at Temple? by Justin Lewis

Honorable Mention

The first, second, and fifth posts above were also in the top 5 most commented posts, joined by these two discussion questions:

Check out the links and join me in congratulating the authors!