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12 Awesome Infographics Created with piktochart

This is the third semester of teaching Social Media Innovation where I have assigned an infographic project. The last two semester’s students worked in teams and created a single infographic using whatever software they wanted.

This semester we are using the piktochart.com for both individual and group projects. Each student will create two infographics individually, and then one as a team. For the first assignment the students were instructed to create an infographic on any topic they wanted–the idea was just to get accustomed to using piktochart. The results exceeded my expectations as quite a few students created awesome informative infographics!

Here’s a selection of 12 that stood out as good examples of student work and may be relevant to a wider audience.

All of these infographics were created by students in Prof. Johnson’s Social Media Innovation course taught at Temple U. Fox School of Business in Fall, 2012.

The Nintendo WiiU by Justin Lewis

The Rise of the Food Truck by Elizabeth Dawkins

Sports Teams Going Green! by Taylor Forlano

Mike’s Cookbook by Michael A.Pagan

Karl Lagerfeld by  So Kim

Now this is something! (Lebron James) by Sheldon Chase

New from Apple… iPhone 5 by Courtney Minich